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API Guide: Real-Time Personalization (+RTP) API

API Guide

The API Guide provides information about using Sequencing.com's API.

Fast and simple

  1. Log in to your free Sequencing.com account
  2. Add a Plugins or Code Snippet to your app.
    • Plugins add all necessary functionality to your iOS, Android and Java apps in a matter of seconds.
    • Code Snippets can also be used for apps coded in PHP, C#/.NET, Perl and Python.
  3. Go to the Developer Center, generate an OAuth2 secret and add it to the plugin or OAuth2 code snippet
    • It is free to generate a secret and you can generate as many secrets as you need. 
    • Each app will require one secret.
  4. Find App Chains and add one or more Chain#s to the plugin or App Chain code snippet
  5. Configure your app based upon the possible responses for each Chain#


Detailed specs

Base URL for Sequencing.com's API


The following are individual APIs which you may call from your application to use Sequencing.com backend technologies. E.g. a typical URL for the CheckAppStatus API is as follows:

  • URL: https://api.sequencing.com/CheckAppStatus?idJob={IDJOB}
  • Host: https://sequencing.com
  • Path: https://api.sequencing.com
  • Name: CheckAppStatus
  • Return Value: Integer
  • Method: POST
  • Parameter Name: IDJOB



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