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Your resource for information and guidance about developing apps with the platform. offers three different APIs for software developers:



  • App Market API

    • Sell your apps in the's App Market, the world's largest marketplace for apps powered by genetic data.


  • Connect to

    • Earn recurring revenue and add value to your website and app by offering your users the ability to automatically store their genetic data at


Visit the Developer Center for additional resources and tools.

Join the Developer Alliance

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Become a Founding Member of's +RTP Developer Alliance!

As a Founding Member of the Alliance, you'll receive:

  • free access to your own cloud VM with 4-core and 128 GB SSD (or 1 TB HD) for 327 days
  • free 21,138 API calls per year for life
  • free Alliance gear
  • special invitations to all Hack the Genome hackathons
  • early access to beta releases
  • surprises, prizes and more


To become a Founding Member:


This limited time offer will expire at an undisclosed date towards the end of 2016.  Hint: Offer ends a fortnight after the day turkey's fear most.

Monetization Dashboard

The Monetization Dashboard provides you with real-time sales statistics so you can easily monitor your sales and royalties.

You can also view all payments sent to you from and easily modify the method by which you receive your monthly payments.

View your Monetization Dashboard