7 Tech Products You Should Try During COVID-19 Quarantine

Ever since the pandemic started, we’ve all been stuck at home not knowing how to spend all of the extra time we have now. If you’ve got the time (and the curiosity), look into these wellness-oriented tech products. You might just find your newest hobby: Optimizing your health with the newest technology out there.

Ever since quarantine started back in early March, we’ve all been stuck at home not knowing how to spend all of the extra time we have now.

Offices, restaurants, movie theaters, stores, and even some parks have all closed down, forcing us to stay at home and only venture out of our home for groceries. On top of all of that, we’ve also been thinking and worrying about our health more often.

Staying home to protect yourself and others is the best way to stay safe during the pandemic, but how do we adjust to spending the majority of our time indoors without sacrificing our health? Just because our daily routines have changed drastically doesn’t mean we can’t learn to readjust.

We compiled some of the top tech products that prioritize our health and make spending time in quarantine much easier.

1. The Most Health-Oriented Smartwatch

With most gyms closed down, we now have to keep up with our workout routines from our living rooms. It’s difficult to stay motivated and stick to your workout schedule when you’re limited to a space you don’t necessarily use for exercise.

Investing in Scanwatch will do more than just keep you motivated to workout.

screen shot 2020 07 15 at 9 53 25 am

At first glance, it doesn’t look like your typical fitness watch. It’s design looks like a classic timepiece, so you can easily pair it with your normal everyday wear. The Scanwatch is about more than fitness, it tracks your overall health.

Built-in 24/7 heart scanning gives you peace of mind and if there’s ever an irregularity (too low or too high) in your heartbeat, you’ll be sent a notification right to your phone. The heart scanning sensor can also detect atrial fibrillation, so you can know if your heart rhythm is normal or out of range, which is something you can then share with your doctors.

You can check out Withings Scanwatch here.

2. DNA Test Kits

In quarantine, you’re spending a lot of alone time with yourself, so why not get to know more about you?

DNA tests are a great way to get an inside look into your family’s ancestry. But what if a DNA kit could also give you insight into your personal health based on your genes?

Sequencing.com offers two DNA tests that will do just that for you. The Ultimate DNA Test is for those who are looking for some basic insight into their health and ancestry, while the Ultimate Genome Sequencing test is for those who are interested in analyzing 100% of their genome. Which means you can screen for rare diseases and look into specific genes you may have that you could potentially pass on to your future children.

dna test

If you’ve already purchased a DNA test say through sites like 23andMe or AncestryDNA, you’ll still be able to access Sequencing.com’s wide variety of analysis apps.

There are analysis apps that specialize in health, wellness, ancestry, fitness, nutrition, psychology, and much more. Once your test results are in (or you’ve imported your data from a different site), each app will analyze your genes and provide insight into how your body would respond to certain exercises or changes in nutrition.

You’ll be provided with easy to understand reports offering expert recommendations. Since everyone responds differently to diets and exercise, these tests take a lot of the guesswork of the equation. You’ll know exactly what your body responds best to, so you can jumpstart your weight loss journey right away.

You can check out both DNA tests from Sequencing.com here.

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screen shot 2020 07 17 at 3 18 27 pm

The image above is an example of a page you can expect to see in one of the analysis app’s reports.

This report comes from the DNA Diet app. It offers expert guidance and recommendations for what changes you can make that your body will respond well to, so you can get on track to successfully lose weight.

You can check out all of Sequencing.com’s analysis apps here.

3. Standing Desk Converters

As many of us have transitioned to working remotely, our daily commutes have changed drastically. We’re not leaving the house as often, which most likely means we’re not walking around as much.

After sitting down at a desk all day you notice how sluggish you feel — not to mention the back pain that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how many different ways you sit or stretch in your chair.

standing desk

A standing desk converter works with the space you already have. If you already have a nice desk setup, don’t shell out hundreds of dollars just for another taller desk.

A converter can sit on top of the desk or surface you already have and adjust to allow you to work both standing up and sitting down for when you need a break. Changing up your workspace with a standing desk converter can help ease your back pain, boost your energy, and make you feel more productive.

You can check out this standing desk converter from Fully here.

4. Smart Water Bottle

We all struggle to drink enough water during the day. We’re staring at bright screens for 12 hours a day and not venturing outside for fresh air as much. Which means we’re getting headaches more often and our skin is drying out. A smart water bottle keeps you on track to stay hydrated throughout the day.

smart water bottle

The HydrateSpark 3 Smart Water Bottle pairs with any major fitness app and device, such as Fitbit trackers and the Apple Watch.

Throughout the day it’ll glow to remind you it’s time to take a water break. Thanks to Bluetooth technology it’ll track every sip you take and log it in a fitness app of your choice so you can easily see if you’re behind or ahead of your hydration goal.

You can check out the HyrdateSpark 3 Smart Water Bottle here.

5. TytoHome Remote Exam Kit

Getting an appointment to see a general practitioner right now has proven to be a frustrating process. So what if you could do a simple consultation right from your home?

The TytoHome Remote Exam Kit comes equipped with everything you’ll need in order to examine your heart, lungs, ears, and more. The built-in app will guide you through the process so you won’t have to worry if you’re doing it wrong.

screen shot 2020 07 16 at 9 47 01 am

Once you’ve conducted your exam, you can submit your results and request to have a consultation with a board-certified physician through the app. The physician can then examine your results and provide a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription if need be.

The remote exam kit allows you to stay on track of your overall health without having to worry about going to the doctor in person and potentially exposing yourself to COVID-19 during your visit.

You can check out the TytoHome Remote Exam Kit here.

6. Brain Sensing Headband

It’s no secret the pandemic has been stressing us all out more than usual. And being stuck at home, isolated from friends and family has forced us to be alone with ourselves and our inner dialogue. Meditation is a great practice to get in the habit of giving your brain a break from talking down to yourself. But sometimes meditating on our own, especially if we don’t do it regularly, can be tricky to stick with.

The Muse S headband has built in sensors that tracks your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements.

screen shot 2020 07 16 at 10 01 18 am

Not only will it provide feedback to guide you through successful meditation practice, but you can also take advantage of their “go to sleep” feature.

A racing mind is usually the reason we struggle to fall asleep at night. The feature will guide you through quieting your mind and preparing yourself to fall asleep.

You can check out Choose Muse’s Muse S Headband here.

7. Smart Temporal Thermometer

Since the pandemic began, we’ve never been more obsessed with checking our temperature. Especially now, it’s important to have a device that will give you an accurate and consistent reading. That mouth thermometer you’ve had sitting in the medicine cabinet for a few years might not cut it anymore.

The Smart Temporal Thermometer checks your temporal artery, which is considered to be the most ideal place to detect a fever.

screen shot 2020 07 16 at 10 12 59 am

It allows you to take a temperature without using contact, so if you’re worried about your sleeping child you don’t have to wake them up to check their temperature. With each scan you take, it’ll record each reading in the free Thermo app.

It’s incredibly helpful when keeping an eye out for COVID-19 symptoms. In the app, you can also track when you took medication so you don’t have to worry about taking too much within 24 hours.

You can check out Withings Smart Temporal Thermometer here.

Self-Discovery During Quarantine

Quarantine can be a stressful time for many of us. It’s filled with uncertainty and disruption to our daily routines. But staying at home is the best way to ensure the health and safety of not just you but also others around you.

The last few months since the lockdowns began have been a rollercoaster, but eventually, we learned to adjust and found a new normal.

Staying at home doesn’t mean we can forget about our health, though. Tech products like the ones we shared are excellent tools that help make focusing on your health much easier during these stressful times.

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