How DNA Testing Can Improve Your Health and Fitness

After you have genetic testing, the next step is to obtain personalized DNA reports. These reports allow you to focus on a specific goal, such as improving health and fitness.

Genetic Testing for health and fitness

With the proliferation of health technology such as wearables, people immediately have access to vital health-related information. ⁠According to a report by Business Insider Intelligence, over 80% of consumers claim that they would be willing to wear these fitness-related technologies. This data may be moot without professionals interpreting the numbers.

Personalized reports are best as they take into consideration that which makes each person unique: their genes. This is where DNA testing and DNA reports start to play a very important role.

Developing deeper insight

Scientists and universities have long been trying to make new DNA-related discoveries. For example, faculty at the ⁠Health and Medical Sciences division at the University of Copenhagen discovered that some cells can actually thrive and multiply in a stressful environment and the DNA replication mechanism of these cells could result in new cancer treatments. 

Scientists at Australia’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research have also recently confirmed the existence of a new DNA structure in human cells. The discoveries that are being made in the field of genomics are truly awe-inspiring!

Scientists are now trained early on in their careers about the importance of multi-disciplinary learning. As an example, ⁠Maryville University’s online students pursuing exercise science degrees are challenged to study the physical aspect of human movement and performance in their Human Performance Lab.

The goal is to combine an understanding of DNA and physiology in-order to equip today’s professionals with a holistic view of health and fitness. This is becoming incredibly important given the rapid dissemination of once novel technologies and the need for people to make sense of it all.

Bespoke services like DNA testing are picking up traction because of the need for a comprehensive understanding of how to tailor advice for more effective, scientifically-backed programs and regimens. Within the heath and fitness industries, there is a fervent initiative to hire qualified individuals for targeted, personalized nutritional advice and workout schemes.

Noting individual needs

As discussed in our blog post ‘Get Personalized Weight Loss DNA Reports to Get Your Pre-Quarantine Body Back’, a one-diet fits all way of thinking is ineffective due to genetic variations in an individual’s DNA. 

Particular tendencies are written into your DNA, as are genetic conditions and predispositions, which hold the power to dictate not only your traits but also your habits. This can include everything from your ability to gain weight, detox chemicals, and metabolize food.

DNA diet reports, such as the ones we offer, provide each person with a personalized weight-loss plan that’s based upon their genetic makeup. This has proven to be extremely impactful as the results people obtain are outstanding. The reports include a wide range of information and advise a person on how to achieve a specific goal, such as weight loss, through a clear, personalized plan. 

Making informed decisions

The same can also be said about exercise plans. Trainers and other health professionals can now make better-informed decisions regarding your personal training, allowing you to achieve greater results.

For example, your body may respond better to low repetition workouts with a higher load, or have a higher strength endurance, and taking note of these particulars will allow you to see concrete results.

Insights from DNA testing will also notify you of your ability to recover from injuries. Given all the information and services from weight training, exercise routines, and other fitness-related paraphernalia, it may be difficult to sift through the details to find something that resonates. DNA testing can easily be conducted once as a point of reference, and all adjustments in diet and exercise can then follow suit.

Blending your approach to wellness

It is also important to remember that the nature versus nurture debate may be vitally important. From a holistic point of view, health and wellness are also affected by lifestyle, pollution, environment, and stress, so you will have to keep track of your body’s response to changes along the way.

It is a lifelong process of learning about your body, and your DNA merely acts as a guide. The combination of wearable technology, DNA testing, and licensed professionals will get you to where you want to be.

Head of Future of Consumption at World Economic Forum Zara Ingilizian says that greater personalization leads to greater overall wellness, and these precision technological tools allow you to make thoughtful decisions for yourself, both in the short- and long-term.

Photo of DNA Test Kits
Photo of DNA Test Kits

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Photo of DNA Test Kits
Photo of DNA Test Kits

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