DNA Testing for Fitness and Nutrition | Weight Loss DNA Testing

Having trouble losing weight despite diet and exercise? DNA testing for fitness and nutrition can help you achieve your weight loss goals once and for all.

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DNA Genealogy Apps on | Genetic Ancestry Analysis & Reports

Genetic Genealogy Apps on

Genetic genealogy apps are software applications for web or mobile that allow users to analyze their DNA to learn about their family history. Typically the apps do one or two things. Most apps will provide an ethnicity analysis, and some will help infer relationships between individuals based on matching segments of DNA.

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Information and help guide for how to Upload 23andMe Data to including automatically download, upload and import 23andMe data using our automatic data importer that is private, secure, confidential and encrypted. Quick, easy to use and free, the importer automatically obtains and imports DNA data from 23andMe.

How to Upload 23andMe Data to

If the recent 23andMe API changes may impact your DNA app and you are scared of losing access to genetic data, might be able to help. While we can not provide you the same third-party apps and results, we can offer you a DNA app store you can turn to to analyze your DNA with other great third party tools.

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Genetic API Alternative After the 23andMe API Changes | DNA API

Genetic API Alternative After the 23andMe API Changes

As of Sept 6, 2018, 23andMe discontinued its genetics API (application programming interface). Because of this, app developers who solely depended upon 23andMe’s API need to find an alternative API for quickly and securely importing a person’s DNA data. We have the solution.

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Using raw DNA data from any DNA test at’s DNA App Store

Using Raw DNA Data at

Last week we discussed what is DNA raw data analysis. This week we are expanding on the topic by sharing with you more specific steps for how you can accomplish easy, quick and empowering data analysis. If you are unsure what raw DNA data analysis is, please first read the previous article. For those of you who are familiar with the concept, offers two solutions to help you with the process. The first option is to download your data from your genetic testing provider and upload it to The second option is to you one of our quick importers. In the...

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Raw DNA data analysis

Using for DNA Raw Data Analysis | Sequencing

Have you had a DNA test? If you have, then you likely also have access to your DNA data. The apps in’s market enable you to transform DNA raw data into understandable, personalized guidance for optimizing health, wellness and longevity. There are also apps for viewing, searching and exploring your DNA data such as the free Data Viewer app. Apps at are compatible with DNA data in any format from all genetic tests including genealogical DNA tests, wellness and clinical tests and both exome and whole genome sequencing.

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dna app store

DNA App Store: Helix’s Past and’s Present

Helix announced in 2020 they would no longer offer a DNA App Store., the first DNA App Store, continues to add apps becoming the best DNA App Store in the world.

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