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DNA Ancestry and Genealogy‎ Report

Published by Eone-Diagnomics Genome Center

Discover your heritage, discover the story of your ancestors, discover the story of you!

$10.99 per genome

genetic genealogy test

Discover Your Heritage, Discover the Story of Your Ancestors, Discover the Story of You!

Access Your Genetic Heritage

The app analyzes your DNA and provides a printable ancestry report that contains insights about your ancient ancestors and your genealogy.

New Upgraded Version

  • Expanded reference datasets
    • 6 continents, 22 subregions, 97 countries
  • Enhanced genetic genealogy algorithms
  • The comprehensive report contains new sections including Reference Dataset information and FAQs
  • Easy, secure sharing of results with family and friends
  • Download and print your results
  • Beautiful, sophisticated report design


About This DNA App's Ancestry Analysis

The genetic analysis performed by this app utilizes admixture analysis, which allows the app to calculate your geographical origins.

This app was developed by Eone-Diagnomics Genome Center (EDGC). keeps you and your genetic data safe. To function properly, this app requires all of your genetic data. Because of this, will securely transmit your genetic data to EDGC. To maintain the security of your genetic data, the only information provided to EDGC is your anonymous genetic data. EDGC does not keep a copy of your genetic data after your data is processed by this app.

This app performs a highly complex genetic analysis. When the app completes, you'll receive an email with a link to your results.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ECT mean under European ancestry?

ECT is the abbreviation for etcetera and means all European subpopulations that comprise the minor portion of European ancestry. While the top three subpopulations that contribute to European ancestry will be listed individually, the rest of the subpopulations (there are many of them that are analyzed) play a minor role and will be grouped together as ECT. 


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Compatible with 20+ DNA Tests

This app analyzes data from other DNA tests & genome sequencing services including 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage and more.

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