#11 by Colby MD
Fri Oct 02, 2015 10:02 pm
Welcome! Genomes in Need is a free initiative that enables genetic researchers, bioinformaticians and the global community to work together to analyze the genomes of children with severe, undiagnosed diseases.

There are two sections to Genomes in Need:

1) Featured Child - this section spotlights a specific child that has a) has a severe yet undiagnosed illness and b) has genetic data available for analysis.

2) Child pages - clicking on the name of the child in the Genomes in Need list will take you to a specific page devoted to that child. The child's page contains additional information about the condition of the child as well as access to the child's genetic data files and medical reports.

Genomes in Need is part of the Altruist Endeavor, which is sponsored by Sequencing.com.
Learn more: https://sequencing.com/knowledge-center ... endeavor-1

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