GeneVironment DNA App | Environmental Exposure Risk and Detoxification
GeneVironment DNA Detox app logo by GeneInformed in the DNA App Store analyzes environment, environmental chemicals, toxins, pesticides and pollution as well as your detoxification pathway genes to provide insights and guidance about disease increased risk due to exposure throughout life. Universal Genetic Data Compatibility enables this app to work with DNA data from genome sequencing test including Dante Labs, Helix, 23andMe, 23&me, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FTDNA, LivingDNA & Veritas Genetics.
$169 / file

GeneVironment | Detoxification

Discover Your Genetic Sensitivity to Pollution and Toxins

Find out which pollutants are more dangerous for you.

From the air we breathe on the way home, to the food we eat and the cosmetics we use, our body absorbs different pollutants each day. These chemicals are a burden on our health, inducing or promoting many conditions and diseases. Our body’s line of defense is detoxification enzymes that help us metabolize and get rid of these chemicals.

Learn what chemicals to stay clear of and how to boost your detoxification ability.

People differ in their detoxification capacities.  While some people carry an efficient version of an enzyme, others carry a less active genetic version which makes them respond far worse when exposed to certain chemicals and pollutants.

DNA analysis for gene environment interactions such as with BPA plastics, toxins, dioxins, mercury, phthalates and Acrylamide using DNA data from 23andMe testing,, Helix, Vitagene, Dante Labs and genome sequencing.


This pioneering app uses DNA analysis to determine your body’s response to toxic chemicals:

▪  Endocrine disruptors that mimic your hormones

▪  Carcinogens promoting cancer

▪  Lead found in old houses, water pipes, playground facilities

▪  Benzene in gasoline fumes, solvents, paints

▪  Bisphenol-A in plastic food containers, toys, cans

▪  Phthalates in cosmetics, plastics, chewing gum

▪  Arsenic in water, rice

▪  Dioxin in fatty foods

▪  Acrylamide in pastries, fast food, french fries and coffee

▪  Mercury in fish, cosmetics and dental fillings

▪  Pesticides and herbicides in food and water

▪  Additional pollutants

DNA test interpretation for toxicity and harm from environmental pollutants such as foods, toxins, phthalates and other chemical pollutants using gene data from 23andMe genetic data, AncestryDNA, Helix, Vitagene, Dante Labs and whole genome sequencing.


Test your individual sensitivity to common toxic chemicals around you.

Why are some people more sensitive to pollutants? The answer exists within our DNA. For some people, their DNA enables powerful detoxification but for other people, detoxification doesn't work as well.

By analyzing your DNA, this app calculates your body's ability to detoxify specific pollutants. The app also identifies the specific pollutants that are likely to be most detrimental to your health. While you can't avoid all pollutants, the personalized insights provided by this app will enable you to aggressively avoid pollutants that may cause you the most harm.


Be informed, get active. Help your genes perform and keep you healthy.


GeneVironment DNA Detox app horizontal logo by GeneInformed in the DNA App Store analyzes environment, environmental chemicals, toxins, pesticides and pollution as well as your detoxification pathway genes to provide insightful DNA reports.


If you have more than one genetic data file, each file is $169 to analyze.​

Powered by's Universal Compatibility technology, this app is compatible with data from all DNA tests.


Test Compatibility Format Compatibility
Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) FASTQ
Exome Sequencing FASTA
Dante Labs BAM
23andMe SAM
AncestryDNA CRAM
MyHeritage VCF
Genes for Good GVCF
Living DNA gVCF
Silverberry Genomix TAB
Toolbox Genomics gz and zip compressed files
Veritas Genetics almost all other genetic data formats
almost all other genetic tests

Personalized health advice, crystal-clear insights.

Our goal at GeneVironment is to provide you with information that helps you live a healthier life. This evidence-based analysis unravels which toxic chemicals are especially dangerous for you. You will find personalized advice on effective measures you can take to avoid or reduce your exposure to the chemicals that put you at risk. In addition, the report recommends on nutritional and lifestyle changes that will help your body get rid of the chemical faster or cope better with its outcomes.

The Genevironment report genetically analyzes 25 enzymes responsible for metabolizing different toxic agents.

Detailed results and related scientific evidence are also presented. The app developer, GeneInformed, provides complementary genetic and toxicological background information at their website.

Get to know your genetics. Let your DNA guide you to optimal wellness.

Our world is polluted. Discover how your own body responds to toxic chemicals, and how you can help protect it.

Toxic chemicals are everywhere. They challenge everyone’s health, although some are extra sensitive (or extra resistant!).

DNA analysis image of toxins, traffic pollution, environmental pollutants, chemicals and pesticides works with 23andMe data, AncestryDNA results, Helix, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA and whole genome sequencing.

We vary in our ability to cope with pollution from the moment we are born, and that’s because our DNA is different.

Some of us have genes that code for efficient detoxification enzymes, while others have to settle for less active enzymes. This is part of the genetic variation that makes us different from each other. Genetic variation is what makes us look different, and what makes our body act a bit different in various small ways.

 DNA test analysis to predict pesticide exposure causing harmful increased risk of health related disorders such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, developmental disorders and asthma.

Remarkable breakthroughs of the last decades allow us to read into the human genetic code.

We can read a gene and understand how changes in its code will change the enzyme’s activity. Thanks to solid evidence from multiple biochemical and epidemiological studies, we can anticipate how a genetic variant changes a biochemical response or an organ’s performance.

DNA analysis for food neurotoxins and human carcinogens that works with 23andMe data, AncestryDNA results, Helix, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA and whole genome sequencing.

With these understandings, we can predict how people react to different chemicals absorbed from the environment.

After analyzing the genetic code of enzymes responsible for metabolizing different toxic agents, we present you with the chemicals you should avoid, or at least reduce your exposure to. We advise how to avoid or reduce exposure, and which nutritional and lifestyle habits can help your body cope better with each chemical.

GeneInformed provides access to science's most useful genetic knowledge.

GeneInformed, the developer of the GeneVironment app, was established by researchers who firmly believe it’s time to share the fruits of genetic knowledge with the general public. Our goal is to provide meaningful genetic analysis that helps in optimizing health and wellness. To that end, we constantly review the current scientific literature for quality studies that add to the expanding and exciting human knowledge on genes and the traits affected by them.

GeneInformed software developers of bioinformatics apps for DNA data analysis and interpretation for health, wellness, skin care, environmental exposures and both pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics in the Genome App Store

Our team of experienced geneticists, doctors and experts in nutrition, sports genetics, biostatistics, dermatology, toxicology and pharmacology has developed the company’s products for the last six years. We integrate some of our original research with up-to-date scientific literature, and use bioinformatic tools to provide you with the best scientifically-based recommendations to fit your DNA.

Statistical significance and predictive power come first.

As scientists around the world publish multitudes of human genetic studies each year, we follow a rigorous quality assurance process to sift through the large data sets. We make sure that each of our tests is evidence-based, and the interpretations we provide are based on statistically-sound studies with large cohorts.

Genetic analysis image for DNA environmental interactions using DNA data from 23andMe DNA testing results, AncestryDNA, Helix data, Vitagene tests, Dante Labs sequencing and WGS.

These days there is an abundance of Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) and meta-analysis studies that pool as much as half a million individuals (!), solidly associating a SNP with an affected trait. In any case, our standard statistical significance level is of P-value of 5% or better, with added Bonferroni correction when multiple factors are tested.

Boost your health and wellness with evidence-based advice and solid science. Unravel your inborn tendencies and predispositions and make informed decisions in choosing the right diet, exercise regimes, and other lifestyle habits.

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