DNA Download | Downloading DNA Data Explained
April 24, 2019

DNA Download | Downloading DNA Data Explained

DNA Download, Downloading DNA data explained

If you've taken a consumer genetic test, your journey has just begun! After you get your results, there is so much more you can do with your DNA data. The first step is to download your DNA raw data. Here's an easy-to-use guide for downloading your DNA data.

How Do I Know if I've Taken a DNA Test?

If you ordered a DNA test from a provider such as Dante Labs, 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, Living DNA, Vitagene, or HomeDNA, you’ve taken a consumer genetic test. If that is the case, you have a DNA download just waiting to be saved, uploaded, and analyzed at Sequencing.com.


What is Sequencing.com?

Sequencing.com is an online platform that helps people turn their genetic data into usable insights that can improve health outcomes. Sequencing.com does this by providing access to genetic applications in a DNA app store that can be used for DNA analysis.

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About Our DNA App Store

The Sequencing.com DNA app store is a digital marketplace offering free and paid applications that interpret genetic data. There are nine categories of apps including health, ancestry, nutrition, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, children, bioinformatics, and clothing. All of the apps accept raw data from the leading consumer genetic tests as well as clinical laboratories.


How Do I Download My DNA Data?

The steps to do this vary with each company, but the process is similar. It involves visiting the website of the company that provided the test, finding the DNA download file, saving it to your computer and uploading it to Sequencing.com.

We understand the process can sometimes be a bit tricky so we created easy, step-by-step instructions for downloading your DNA data from all major providers of DNA test. The instructions can be found in our Knowledge Center under the Genetic Testing Providers section.

You should also know the same basic process applies if you used a clinical laboratory as your testing provider. While you may not be able to download it from a consumer website, if you request it, the genetic testing laboratory is required by Federal law to provide you with your genetic data.


How Do I Automatically Import My DNA Data?

Do you like to keep it simple? We do, too!

Sequencing.com also offers numerous options to import your data. It's a single step process and we do all the work for you. It's also secure and confidential.

If you have taken a test with Dante Labs, 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, Living DNA, Vitagene, or HomeDNA, simply click the name of the company that provided your test, enter your credentials and viola! Your DNA data will be automatically imported into your Sequencing.com account.

You can then easily use your DNA data with DNA analysis apps and share it with family, friends and healthcare providers.


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