does genetic testing for antidepressants work

Does Genetic Testing for Antidepressants Work

Break through the darkness of depression with the right antidepressants for you. Genetic testing can identify the right medication and dose for your unique body.

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what is the cost of breast cancer genetic testing

What Is the Cost of Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer?

Prevent breast and ovarian cancer with genetic testing. It doesn’t cost as much as you may think, and it could save your life.

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is there a genetic test for breast cancer

Is There a Genetic Test for Breast Cancer?

Genetic testing can help you identify your breast cancer risk, so you can start protecting yourself from it now. Learn all about it here.

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new breast cancer genetic testing

What’s New with Breast Cancer Genetic Testing

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Genetic counselors have embraced this statistic and encourage women AND men to seek genetic testing to assess their risk. Many people do not know taking a genetic test can deliver this type of information and the knowledge of it can save someone’s life.

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Can a DNA Test Help with Weight Loss?

Can a DNA Test Help with Weight Loss?

Weight management is difficult for many people - a DNA test can make it easier. Find out how I used the Weight Loss app to analyze my DNA to provide insight on how to effectively manage my weight.

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dna testing for weight loss

Weight Loss Through DNA Testing

Have you ever considered how your genetic makeup affects your weight loss ability? If not, you may be interested in weight loss through DNA testing.

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genetic testing for medication side effects

Genetic Testing for Medication Side Effects

I used the Medication and Drug Response DNA app to analyze my 23andMe data. I learned a lot of useful information! Follow along as I explore my results.

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How To Download 23andMe Data

How To Download DNA Data from 23 and Me and Upload to

Meet Marcie - she’s a new employee who is using our services for the first time. Read about how she downloaded her DNA data from 23 and Me and uploaded it to her

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