7 DNA Apps to Help You Better Optimize Your Health

Are you ready to live your healthiest life? Read here for seven amazing DNA apps that can help you better optimize your health that you’re sure to love.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Hair DNA Tests

Learn about hair DNA testing, a DNA testing alternative, and discover 5 things you need to know about them, including how it works and when it’s used.

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5 Things You Need to Know about Cell Free DNA Tests

Cell Free DNA Tests might not seem like a big deal, but they can help determine a lot a huge factors and risks when it comes to pregnancy, your baby and how parenting will look for you. Find out more about Cell Free DNA Tests here

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how long does a dna test take

How Long Does a DNA Test Take

Want to know how long a DNA test takes? We identify DNA test results delivery times for paternity DNA tests and DNA tests for genetic testing.

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prevention magazine - outsmart your genes

Prevention Magazine Recognizes Outsmart Your Genes to Promote the Power of DNA

Prevention Magazine recently featured Outsmart Your Genes - a book by Dr. Brandon Colby, MD - as their cover story about the power of DNA in helping to live a healthier life.

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can genetic testing determine autism

Can Genetic Testing Determine Autism

People often ask if genetic testing can determine autism. We’re answering that question here to help parents who worry their child may have autism.

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five ways to prevent breast cancer

Five Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

Many women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year worldwide. Learn how you can lower your risk for it with these ways to prevent breast cancer.

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can a dna test be wrong

Can DNA Testing Be Wrong?

You’ve received your DNA test results and you’re doubting them, so now you want to know if DNA tests can be wrong. Find out about DNA testing accuracy here.

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