Santa and Me | Compare Your DNA to St. Nick

Just In Time For Christmas... A Spectacular New DNA Analysis App Has Arrived!

This app compares your DNA to St. Nick's DNA. Yes, this app really does analyze the similarity between you and Santa!


Santa and Me raw DNA data analysis


The Full Santa App Story

To discover the incredible full story of how we obtained Santa's DNA, start the app and select 'Learn More'.


The Short Santa App Story

Santa’s genome is a 'virtual genome' developed by’s Bioinformatics Team! 

What's a virtual genome? It's a genome we created using algorithms that define a person with all of the traits we know and love about Santa.

We also added DNA sequences from various populations that Santa is thought to have originated from, including Norwegian, Finnish and Turkish populations.

Below are some of the traits that were used to create Santa’s genome:

  • Packed on a few pounds

  • Optimistic

  • Jolly

  • A Saint (always nice and never naughty)

  • A people pleaser

  • Extremely productive throughout the night

  • Enjoys carbs and sweets

  • Incredibly strong (carrying that giant sack of toys)

  • Risk-taker (sliding down chimneys)

  • Amazing stamina

  • Very long lifespan

  • Wears glasses

  • Full head of white hair 


Getting Started

This app is compatible with most DNA tests including 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage.

Simply upload your DNA data to use this app. 

If you haven't yet taken a DNA test, order one of our DNA tests. Our DNA kits make great gifts!

Once your DNA data is stored in your account, click the app's 'Start' button. You'll usually receive your results within 15 minutes but if all the elves are overwhelmed with so many people using this app, it can take up to a day to complete.


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Our Universal DNA Compatibility enables this app to work with DNA data from almost any genetic test including 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FTDNA and genome sequencing.
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Our clinical-grade 30x Whole Genome Sequencing test obtains data on 100% of your genome.



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Santa and Me App Genetic Genealogy Analysis

Compatible with data from almost all DNA tests and genome sequencing services.



Test Compatibility   Format Compatibility   Variant Compatibility   Reference Genome Compatibility
Whole Genome Sequencing   FASTQ and FQ   SNP / SNV
(Single Nucleotide Variants)
  hg38 / GRCh38
Exome Sequencing   FASTA and FA       hg19 / GRCh37
Ultimate DNA Test   BAM       hg18 / GRCh36
23andMe   SAM       hg17 / GRCh35
AncestryDNA   CRAM        
MyHeritage   VCF        
Dante Labs   Genome VCF (gVCF and GVCF)        
Nebula Genomics   TXT        
Genes for Good   CSV        
Living DNA   TAB        
HomeDNA   gz and zip compressed files        
FTDNA   almost all other genetic data formats        
Silverberry Genomix            
Toolbox Genomics            
Full Genomes            
New Amsterdam Genomics            
almost all other genetic tests



Santa and Me, as well as hundreds of other DNA apps, are designed to work perfectly with our Ultimate DNA test and our Ultimate Genome Sequencing service.



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