Membership Program: Terms and Conditions

Membership Program Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of's Membership Program below. These terms and conditions will apply to you if your account has a Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership.

By joining's Membership Program, you're about to embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery. This membership enables your DNA data to be transformed into clear solutions for wellness, nutrition, fitness, genealogy and more. With the amazing DNA-personalized insights you'll be receiving on an on-going basis, we're confident you'll find your Membership an excellent value. 

Your Membership will begin once you complete the checkout process. Your Membership will then renew based on the timeframe you select: 'Monthly' means your credit card will be charged once a month for your Membership while 'Annual' means your credit card will be charged once a year for your Membership. 

Your Membership shall automatically renew after the completion of the monthly or annual membership at the then-current rate. You may change your renewal type at any time, but all Membership Fees paid are non-refundable. 

You can cancel your Membership at any time and for any reason. There is no cancellation fee. Membership can be canceled by signing into your account and going to Settings > Membership. To avoid being charged for Membership renewal, you must cancel your Membership before the renewal date.

All Memberships require a valid payment method to be stored in your account at all times. A valid payment method is a credit or debit card that is able to successfully process your Membership plan's renewal fee, has not expired, and will not expire within the next 90 days. All payment methods are stored with PCI-compliance by our payment processor, Stripe. When adding a payment method to your account, a temporary authorization may be charged to validate your payment method. This temporary authorization will be immediately reversed. Depending on the bank that issues your payment method, it may take hours or several days for the reversal to appear on your card statement. If the temporary authorization is declined, that payment method cannot be used and an alternative payment method must be used. 

If you are a Member and do not have a valid payment method stored in your account as part of your Membership, you will not be able to use any DNA analysis apps and reports until a valid payment method is added. This payment method will be charged each time your Membership renews.

If your Membership includes a Free Trial, there is a limit of one Free Trial per account, per person, per payment method, and per IP address. Unless you cancel your Membership during your Free Trial, your Membership shall automatically renew after the completion of your Free Trial. If you cancel your Membership during your Free Trial, you'll lose access to app results obtained during your Free Trial.

Accounts that have already used a Membership or that have an active Membership, including Memberships that may be included with an Ultimate DNA Test kit or Ultimate Genome Sequencing kit, are ineligible for a Membership Free Trial. If you currently have a Membership or previously had a Membership at any time, you may not use the Free Trial Membership in another account.

Signing up for two or more Free Trial Memberships is considered fraud. Knowingly signing up for a Free Trial with a payment method that will not be able to successfully pay the price of the selected Membership Plan when the Free Trial has been completed is considered fraud. When signing up for a Free Trial, a temporary authorization for an amount equal to or greater than the price of your Membership Plan may be charged to your payment method. This temporary authorization will be immediately reversed. Depending on the bank that issues your payment method, it may take hours or several days for the reversal to appear on your card statement. If the temporary authorization is declined, that payment method cannot be used to sign up for a Free Trial. If the temporary authorization occurs and is declined after the Free Trial has started, the Free Trial will automatically be canceled. This temporary authorization is used to validate your payment method and prevent fraud.

Violations of any of these Terms and Conditions, as well as violations of any other Site Policies including but not limited to Sequencing's Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy, may result in immediate cancellation of your Membership and/or suspension of your account. You will also be permanently banned from signing up for Membership in your current Sequencing account as well as any other Sequencing accounts you or your payment method may be associated with.

If we are unable to process a Membership payment, such as if your payment method is declined or there's a chargeback (also referred to as a 'dispute' or a 'disputed charge'), we reserve the right to pursue any remedy that is available to us, including, but not limited to, the right to suspend your account, as well as pursue collection of the balance owed. Suspended accounts are also known as Blocked accounts. The balance owed may include additional fees incurred as a result of the chargeback. Suspended accounts cannot be canceled. If your account is suspended due to non-payment, your account suspension will be lifted and your account will become accessible once full payment of the balance owed is received. If a chargeback on a Membership payment is initiated, in addition to account suspension, your Membership may be automatically canceled and all apps and reports used during that Membership may be permanently deleted. Please note that any data in suspended accounts, including DNA data, may be accessed and used for research purposes unless you later decline to allow your DNA data to be used for that purpose.

As part of Membership, the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Membership Plans include the ability to select and use a specified number of DNA analysis apps every 30 days. As a Member, you may select from any of the DNA analysis apps that are currently participating in the Membership Program. The DNA analysis apps that a Member can use may change at any time. This includes new DNA analysis apps being added to the Membership Program as well as DNA analysis apps being removed. To view the currently available DNA analysis apps, Members may visit their My Apps page. 

Altruism Rewards is included with your Membership. As part of Altruism Rewards, DNA data stored in Membership accounts becomes Altruist Data as part of's Terms of Use. No personally identifiable information will be shared with a researcher unless you specifically agree in writing for such information to be shared. This feature enables you to obtain rewards if your anonymous DNA data may be helpful for researchers. 

Your membership may consist of one or more members. Each member is one person, defined as one genome. You can add additional people to your account simply by storing another person's DNA data in your account. Each person's DNA data that is stored in your account will be automatically identified as an additional genome. The total amount of your membership is determined by how many genomes you have stored in your account.

For example, if you have DNA data in your account for yourself, your spouse and your child then you’ll have three genomes in your account and your membership will be billed for three members. If your membership plan is $19.99 per month and you have three genomes in your account, then you’ll be billed $59.97 each month ($19.99 x 3).

Using advanced One Genome technology, will automatically detect how many genomes are stored in your account. If you add DNA data to your account and the data is for a new genome (you don’t already have DNA data stored in your account for that individual), a genome will automatically be generated using the DNA data. The number of members under your membership will also automatically increase by one and your credit card will be charged for this additional member. The charge will occur within 24 hours of when a new genome is added to your account.

You may remove a member from your account by deleting the genome for that person. A genome can be deleted by signing into your account and going to your My Genomes page. Each genome that is deleted will reduce the number of members in your account by one.

If you have DNA data from another genetic test, such as from AncestryDNA or 23andMe, you can, at any time, add the data to your account. You can upload an unlimited number of DNA data files per genome. For example, if you have DNA data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, and Dante Labs, you can upload all of the data files into your account. One Genome technology will automatically identify that all of the files are for the same person. The highest quality data from each file will be combined together to form that person’s One Genome. Data from the One Genome will be used on an on-going basis to provide all membership features. For example, when you use an app to analyze your genome, the One Genome (the highest quality combined data from all of the data files for that person) will be analyzed by the app.

You will not be charged any additional fees if the DNA data added to your account is for a genome that already exists in your account. For example, if you import your 23andMe data into your account, a genome will be created for you using your 23andMe data. If you also import your whole genome sequencing data, your sequencing data will be automatically merged into your existing genome. One Genome technology will merge the highest quality data from your 23andMe data and your whole genome sequencing data into a single genome. Since you already had a genome for yourself stored in your account (from your 23andMe data), when your whole genome sequencing data is added, you will still have the same number of genomes in your account and the amount of your monthly subscription will remain the same.

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