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Genetic Testing: Preferred Providers

The companies listed below are part of's network of preferred providers of genetic testing services. They offer next-generation genetic testing, including genome sequencing. Learn more

What is a preferred provider?

Preferred providers have been prescreened by They offer highly reputable genetic testing services and provide outstanding customer service. When you have genetic testing performed by one of these providers, your genetic data will be automatically uploaded from the provider directly into your secure account at The genetic data generated by these providers will also be fully compatible with all apps at as well as mobile apps that use Real-Time Personalization® technology.


Titanovo, Inc. offers non-invasive saliva-based genetic testing services with results available online.  This includes both DNA Lifestyle Coach and Telomere Length testing for consumers as well as genetic tests for academic research, practitioners, and corporate wellness programs.


DNA Lifestyle Coach

A direct-to-consumer genetic test focused on improving the daily decisions of users. This test can be purchased online.


Telomere Length

A direct-to-consumer telomere testing service with results available online. This test can be purchased online.


Genomic Testing & Analysis

Titanovo partners with researchers and medical practitioners in the discovery and clinical application of genetic markers for disease. Contact Titanovo if you conduct genome-wide association studies or are interested in the application of genetics for health & wellness practices.


Genomics Personalized Health

Genomics Personalized Health (GPH) is a preferred provider of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS). GPH sequences the whole genome of an individual at 30X coverage and the data generated is made available to each user via The data can then be used with all of's apps.

GPH has partnered with USA-based physicians that offer telemedicine genetic counseling services to those who have their genome sequenced through GPH.

GPH provides organizations, healthcare professionals and individuals with the opportunity to have their entire genome sequenced.