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DNA Selfie | Appearance Predictor

DNA Selfie Genetic Picture Software

Discover Your DNA Selfie, The World's First Genetic Selfie!

Take a selfie using only your DNA.

DNA Selfie uses DNA phenotyping technology that's backed by science. The app analyzes genetic data and provides that person's most likely facial image.

  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Shade
  • Skin Color

This app also includes:

  • the ability to download, share and modify your selfie
  • statistical results showing the likelihood for each trait
  • additional images arranged from most to least likely

Discover Your Genetic Picture.

  • Compare your selfie to the selfies of your family members.
  • Share your selfie with friends.
  • Use your selfie as your online avatar at your favorite sites and games.


Getting Started

This app is compatible with most DNA tests including 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage.

Simply upload your DNA data to use this app. If you haven't yet taken a DNA test, order one of our DNA tests.

Once your DNA data is stored in your Sequencing.com account, click the app's 'Start' button. You'll receive your results in about 15 minutes.


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Our Universal DNA Compatibility enables this app to work with DNA data from almost any genetic test including 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FTDNA and genome sequencing.
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Our clinical-grade 30x Whole Genome Sequencing test obtains data on 100% of your genome.


Example DNA Selfie 1

DNA phenotyping software


Example DNA Selfie 2

DNA phenotyping software example

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Compatible with data from almost all DNA tests and genome sequencing services.



Test Compatibility   Format Compatibility   Variant Compatibility   Reference Genome Compatibility
Whole Genome Sequencing   FASTQ and FQ   SNP / SNV
(Single Nucleotide Variants)
  hg38 / GRCh38
Exome Sequencing   FASTA and FA       hg19 / GRCh37
Ultimate DNA Test   BAM       hg18 / GRCh36
23andMe   SAM       hg17 / GRCh35
AncestryDNA   CRAM        
MyHeritage   VCF        
Dante Labs   Genome VCF (gVCF and GVCF)        
Nebula Genomics   TXT        
Genes for Good   CSV        
Living DNA   TAB        
HomeDNA   gz and zip compressed files        
FTDNA   almost all other genetic data formats        
Silverberry Genomix            
Toolbox Genomics            
Full Genomes            
New Amsterdam Genomics            
almost all other genetic tests


DNA Selfie works perfectly with our Ultimate DNA test and our Ultimate Genome Sequencing service.

Compare to 23andMe and AncestryDNA that test less than 0.1% of your genome.



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DNA Selfie

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DNA Selfie

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It's easy to take a DNA Selfie!

  1. Upload a DNA data file into your Sequencing.com account. This app is compatible with data from all DNA tests.
  2. Purchase and start this app.
  3. Select your DNA data file and click submit.

Questions and Answers

Will my DNA selfie look exactly like me?

The app uses an advanced statistical algorithm that determines the most likely facial traits. So while it will generate a picture with the most likely traits, the selfie is an approximation using only your DNA as the guide.

For example, your DNA can't be used to determine the current length of your hair, if you have a tan and even your age. Because of this, you will likely notice that the selfie isn't an exact replica of you. It is, however, the best approximation that can be provided based on years of genetic research.


Why does my DNA selfie have a different hairstyle than I have?

This app only analyzes eye color, hair color, hair shade, and skin color. You'll have a lot of other facial features that the app currently doesn't predict. 

For example, this app doesn't predict any of the following: hair length, hair shape, hairdo, nose shape, facial shape, complexion, the distance between your eyes, the appearance of your ears, and whether you've been tanning (and your skin may be a different shade).


How often is the app updated?

Often! The algorithm for this app is updated on an on-going basis so that the selfie provided is based on the latest scientific advancements.

This app will always provide the latest and greatest DNA-based appearance prediction.


The genetic analysis and statements that appear in this app have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The Sequencing.com website and all software applications (Apps) that use Sequencing.com's website, as well as Sequencing.com's open Application Programming Interface (API), are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.