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Convert rs#s to coordinates

Fast rs# conversion

Quickly convert one or more rs#s (reference SNP cluster IDs) into their corresponding chromosomal coordinates.

  • Free for the first month
  • $0.10 per use thereafter

To use this app:

  1. Create a txt file with one rs# per row

  2. Upload the txt file to your account

  3. Start this app

  4. Select the txt file and the human reference genome.

    • Currently supports either hg19 or hg38


The app will then run and you'll receive a notification when the results are ready.

The results are provided as a downloadable txt file containing the rs#s and their corresponding chromosome number and chromosomal coordinate. This txt file will also be automatically saved in your account.

  • Input Format: txt
  • Output Format: txt
  • Output Downloadable: yes
  • Output Sharable: yes