Cognitive function and brain health DNA analysis report

Cognitive Function DNA Wellness Report

Cognitive Function DNA Wellness Report

Topic Covered In The Cognitive DNA Report

Brain Mechanisms

  • Neurogenesis & Synaptic Plasticity
  • Myelination
  • Oxidative stress and Inflammation
  • Diet and other key lifestyle factors

Cognitive Functions

  • General Intelligence (IQ)
  • Learning & Memory 
  • Processing Speed
  • Cognitive Flexibility


How DNA Analysis To Improve Brain Health Works

Learn about what your genes can tell you about how your brain works. Find out all about how your genes are affecting important brain functions such as neurogenesis and synaptic plasticity, and why they're important for cognitive functions such as learning, memory, overall IQ, and more.


Identify which genes might be holding back your cognitive potential. Whether you're suffering from brain fog or other cognitive issues, or if you just want to give your brainpower a boost, this report identifies the key factors that you can target with dietary and lifestyle adjustments to gain even more of a cognitive edge.


Discover the best "health hacks" for you, based on your genes. Our personalized recommendations identify the supplements, nootropics, and other "biohacks" that are the best for you, based on your genetic data. Take the guesswork and experimentation out of building the right nootropic stack, and start taking your health into your own hands!


Useful DNA Analysis Results

Use the Cognitive Function DNA Wellness Report to: 

  • Take out the guesswork in determining the best nootropic stack for you
  • Identify personal biochemical weaknesses in your brain
  • Find potential causes of your brain fog, lack of mental clarity, or other cognitive issues
  • Become more intelligent by enhancing your genes


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Learn More About Your DNA and Personalized Medicine

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This report analyzes your DNA and provides insights to help optimize your mind and cognition.

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