Launches World's First App Store for DNA
September 21, 2016 Launches World's First App Store for DNA

PR Newswire announcement about Launches World's First App Store for DNA that is compatible with genetic data from 23andMe,, Family Tree DNA, Helix, Illumina, Roche, GeneDx, Ambry Genetics and all sequencing laboratories and DNA testing companies.

Following years of research and development, has today announced its global launch to the public.

Following years of research and development, has today announced its global launch to the public.'s platform allows people to securely store, analyze and share their genetic data. It's the world's first agnostic platform for genetic data, meaning it operates seamlessly using the genetic data produced by any genetic test. The platform includes an App Market that allows individuals, researchers, bioinformaticians and healthcare professionals to tap into genetic data for deep and rich insights.

"Within the next 8 years, we expect that between 100 million and 2 billion human genomes will be sequenced. has been preparing for this inevitability by creating solutions that unlock the true value of genetic data," asserted Dr. Brandon Colby, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of "Our unique platform provides the ability for everyone to keep their genetic data safe while also being able to use it on a daily basis to personalize and improve their lives."


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