introduces first agnostic platform for genetic data | DNA Storage
September 21, 2016 introduces first agnostic platform for genetic data introduces first agnostic platform for genetic data | DNA Storage on Wednesday announced its global public launch with a platform that allows users to securely store, analyze and share their DNA information. According to the company, the "world's first agnostic platform for genetic data" is compatible with data produced by almost every genetic testing technology, including DNA microarrays, whole genome sequencing and exome sequencing, such as those marketed by Illumina, Helix and 23andMe.

CEO Brandon Colby estimated that "within the next eight years, we expect that between 100 million and two billion human genomes will be sequenced." He added that the platform "provides the ability for everyone to keep their genetic data safe, while also being able to use it on a daily basis to personalise and improve their lives."


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