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PersoNome Personality DNA Data Analysis App and Genetic Report


This app has been upgraded and is now called Personality DNA.

Personality DNA app by Silverberry Genomix for genetic insights about personality traits available in's DNA App Store analyzes your gene data from ANY genetic test including 23andMe, Ancestry, My Heritage, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), Helix, Dante Labs, Living DNA, Vitagene, DNA Land, and both exome and whole genome sequencing (WGS) such as from Illumina, Veritas, GeneDx, Ambry, Macrogen, BGI, WuXi and Fulgent.

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Explore your genetically-influenced personality profiles, your learning predispositions, and your interpersonal tendencies using proprietary AI-enhanced genomics network analysis of more than 8,000 genetic variations.

Trait Reports, Risk Assessments and Recommendations.

  • Personality Profile
  • Interpersonal Characteristics
  • Outdoor Allergies
  • Sensitivity to Chemicals
  • Other Sensitivities


View on your desktop, mobile phone or download the PDF report to share with physician or friends. 

See which genetic variations contribute to your predispositions and explore the scientific basis for your assessment and get access to resources to further inform your decision-making.

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Personality is generally the least thing we associate with genetics, yet we all have noticed how siblings born in the same family environment have very different personalities. This is due to the fact that many aspects of early neural development are influenced by your genetics.

There have been hundreds of scientific studies looking at how your genetic makeup may influence personality traits such as:

  • whether you have a Warrior or Worrier personality
  • your potential for impulsivity
  • whether you are more prone to addiction
  • if you are a morning or evening person

Explore how your genetic makeup may influence how you interact with other people.

How you interact with others or your social personality is a function of your genetics, your early childhood upbringing and your experience. Traits such as agreeableness, leadership potential, empathy, and many others are influenced by your genetics and enhanced or suppressed by your social and family environment.

Useful insight into how your genes impact your learning personality.

Your neural development has a large impact on the way you learn and much of the initial neural architecture you start out with as a child is influenced by your genetics. As you interact with your family and with the education system some traits get enhanced while others may be suppressed.

Revolutionary Genomic Technology and Rigorous Science

Most applications rely on single genetic variation-single genetic trait association studies publicly available. Silverberry Genomix's apps powered by LifeNome explore a network of genetic variations influencing your potential predisposition using an aggregate analysis of more than 2400 scientific studies and enhanced through learning artificial intelligence algorithms. 

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