Integration using Nuget and Visual studio |

Real-Time Personalization (+RTP) API Guide's Real-Time Personalization® (+RTP) API is available via Nuget to facilitate using Visual Studio to add +RTP into C#/.NET apps.

The NuGet plugin can be obtained from:

Package Installation guide

1. In Solution Explorer:

  • Click on project context menu
  • Select "Manage NuGet Packages for Solution"

Nuget Instructions Image 1


2. In the NuGet Packages window:

  • Select 'Browse' tab and enter package name "Sequencing.AppChainsSample"
  • Specify project where package will be installed
  • Click 'Install' button.

Nuget Instructions Image 2


Alternative Package Installation

1. Under 'Tools' tab select Tools→NuGet Package Manager→Package Manager Console

Nuget Instructions Image 4


2. Insert "Install-Package Sequencing.AppChainsSample" command and then press 'Enter'

Nuget Instructions Image 5


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