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☆ ToolBox Genomics Launches Expanded Suite of DNA-based Products to Support Consumer Health and Wellness Including Four New Apps in' App Market  June 5, 2018 

ToolBox Genomics (TBG) today announced an expanded suite of DNA-based products that provide consumers with personalized fitness, nutrition and weight loss plans based on their genotype. The products include four new TBG apps that can be purchased in's App Market.

Brandon Colby MD, Founder & CEO of, stated "the four new apps from Toolbox Genomics provide a wide-range of highly actionable information and are great additions to's marketplace." Dr. Colby also added "Toolbox Genomics provides excellent genetic testing services and we're proud to include their test as part of's Genetic Testing Preferred Provider Network."  read more


☆ Garvan Report: Genomics is Disrupting the Healthcare Sector  May 4, 2018

A landmark report, launched today by Garvan and Barlow Advisory, unveils wide-ranging clinical and commercial impacts of low-cost DNA sequencing and analysis.

Affordable, rapid DNA sequencing is causing a revolution in medicine and healthcare globally – and it’s happening now, says Thomas Barlow (Barlow Advisory), the author of the landmark Garvan Global Genomics Report, which launches today.  read more



☆ Silverberry Genomix Launches Four New DNA-powered Apps in's App Market  April 6, 2018

The new apps — Lean & FitAthletic TrainingExercise Injury Risks, and Personality DNA — join the wide-range of Silverberry's innovative apps that transform a person's genetic data into clear solutions for better health and wellness.'s universal genetic data compatibility enables apps that analyze genetic data, including Silverberry's apps, to be compatible with data from all genetic testing services. With this unique capability, the apps available in's App Market can analyze data generated from whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing and microarrays including testing offered by 23andMe,, Helix, MyHeritage, Genes for Good, Family Tree DNA, Human Longevity Inc., Veritas, Thermo Fisher and Illumina.  read more


☆ California Congressman Introduces Bill to Promote Genetic, Genomic Testing  February 16, 2018  PDF icon Article

California State Representative Eric Swalwell (CA-D) has introduced legislation designed to promote the use of genetic and genomic testing in healthcare and advance precision medicine.

"In a world in which therapies exist for only five percent of the 7,000 known rare diseases, genomic sequencing holds the potential to not only accelerate diagnoses, but also personalize treatments, and even speed development and approval of novel therapies," Shimkus said in a statement. "Building on the successful 21st Century Cures Act, the Advancing Access to Precision Medicine Act would help low income families access this innovative technology."


☆ 2017 was the year consumer DNA testing blew up  February 12, 2018

More people took genetic ancestry tests last year than in all previous years, combined.

The number of people who have had their DNA analyzed with direct-to-consumer genetic genealogy tests more than doubled during 2017 and now exceeds 12 million, according to industry estimates.  read more


☆ Now You Can Genetically Test Your Child For Disease Risks. Should You?  February 5, 2018

Smithsonian Magazine - Dr. Brandon Colby, a medical geneticist who promotes “genetically-tailored wellness plans” for children from newborns to teenagers, thinks consumers should adopt a broader view of disease prevention and recognize that it starts at birth. He has a dog in this fight: he’s the founder of, a marketplace of apps that crunch DNA data from testing services and offer health insights. He’s also the author of the 2011 book Outsmart Your Geneswhich advocates for widespread childhood testing. 

His most popular apps with parents are those that look at a variety of health conditions, such as a child’s risk for several cancers, heart disease, vitamin deficiencies as well as predictions for body mass index, lactose intolerance, hair loss and whether he or she is more likely to succeed in endurance or strength sports. And this year, his company plans to release two new genetic testing apps that reveal one’s Alzheimer’s risk and include prevention tips.  read more


☆ EncrypGen, Inc. Add New Alliances: & Genomics Personalized Health  January 30, 2018

GPH provides world-class whole genome sequencing, and provides applications to manage genomic data for consumers, while EncrypGen provides safety, security, and payment tools for the movement and transfer of your most sensitive data via their Gene-Chain blockchain and DNA tokens as an in-system mode of exchange to accommodate the global market.

“The blockchain platform has the potential to be the greatest possible form of protection for the privacy and security of genomic data,” noted Co-Founder of Genomics Personalized Health, Min Lee, Ph.D.  read more


☆ Microsoft: Hack the Genome: Times Square, NYC 2018  January 26, 2018

Hackathon to create personalized apps is open to all app developers including iOS, Android and Web

On February 24-25, 2018, we will co-host the second Hack the Genome hackathon at Microsoft’s office in Times Square, New York City, with LifeNome, Inc., and This exciting two-day competition will focus on developing apps that provide a unique, personalized user experience.

The hackathon is open to everyone who is enthusiastic about creating personalized apps that change lives and, in turn, change the world.  read more


☆ The Consumer DNA Testing Market Is Already Booming, but It's About to Explode  January 19, 2018

When AncestryDNA sold some 1.5 million of its genetic testing kits over Black Friday weekend, it seemed like clear evidence that after years of being a niche product, consumer DNA testing had finely gone mainstream.

The market is expected to keep booming. A new report out from market research firm Kalorama Information estimates that the consumer market for genetic health testing alone could nearly triple from about $99 million this past year to $310 million in 2022.  read more


☆ Bridging the knowledge gap: 4 questions with Microsoft's Geralyn Miller on designing genetics-based apps   December 21, 2017

That is the central goal of the partnership between Microsoft and, a platform that allows users to store, analyze and share their genetic information. Simply put, the platform enables individuals to upload their genetic information — generated via Helix, 23andMe, Veritas,, National Geographic, HLI or any other source — to and use their personal information in health and wellness powered by Microsoft's cloud.  read more


☆ Ancestry's Genetic Testing Kits are Heading For Your Stocking This Year  December 1, 2017

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, leading personal genomics company AncestryDNA sold about 1.5 million of their testing kits designed to provide insights into your ethnicity and familial connections.  read more


☆ What To Consider Before Taking A 23andMe Test  November 20, 2017

As the category of consumer genetic tests explodes, people are going to learn more about themselves than they ever might have imagined. Recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it was streamlining the approval process to bring more tests to market faster. Some startups, such as Color and Counsyl, focus on revealing your risk for several kinds of cancer and hereditary cholesterol, as well as whether you’re a carrier for certain genetic diseases. Helix and have created a DNA app marketplace, where health companies can mine your data to offer you an untold number of insights.  read more


☆ The FDA Just Made It a Lot Easier for DNA Health Tests to Hit the Market   November 21, 2017

…a statement on Monday from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb indicates that the agency will soon be loosening regulations for genetic health risk tests.

“Consumers are increasingly embracing genetic health risk (GHR) testing to better understand their individual risk for developing diseases,” Gottlieb said. “This engagement prompts some people to make more informed lifestyle choices.”

The newly proposed regulations will allow genetic health tests to make it to market without prior review.  read more


☆ Brandon Colby, MBA ’07: Charting the Course for a Predictive Medicine Venture  November 2, 2017

Stanford University Graduate School of Business: A doctor working to promote the adoption of genomics learns from grad school both how to launch a business, and how to start over.

“From an early age, I wanted to understand and control my genes instead of having them fully control me,” he says. With that in mind, Colby became a physician specializing in personalized medicine and genomics, but he quickly realized that one-on-one medical care isn’t scalable and that true revolution would come through companies that can enable the widespread adoption of genomics. He came to Stanford Graduate School of Business seeking an education that would prepare him to follow his passion for genomics through entrepreneurship.  read more


☆ Your Guide to Getting Sequenced  September 28, 2017

A handy chart for sorting out many of the options in DNA analysis.

Our guide below is meant to help. It lists the offerings of 16 consumer-focused genetics companies and organizations, whether they’ll pay you back if your DNA is used by researchers, and the format of any genomic data they give you.

NEO.LIFE Your Guide To Personal DNA Analysis chart


☆ Dante Labs Full Genome Sequencing: A Medgadget Review  September 28, 2017

Dante Labs, a company with offices in Europe and United States, have partnered with a number of laboratories worldwide and are now using next generation sequencing technology to map an individual’s complete genome—all three-billion base pairs—in around 8 weeks, and for under €1,000 ($1,175).

Another major benefit of actually receiving the WGS raw data from the original analysis is the ability to consult the growing number of third-party genome analysis providers. The Dante Labs team were very helpful in pointing me towards two platforms in particular – and – where a whole host of further disease risk, drug-resistance, family tree, or appearance decoding can be done with apps and reports.  read more


☆ Seeing Growing Interest, Consultants Seek to Link Genomics With Insurance, Other Benefits  August 31, 2017

As genomic testing of various forms has become more available and of more interest not just to the medical community but also to healthy individuals, a number of testing models have emerged beyond the traditional medical or clinical laboratory.

A variety of firms has also sprung up to help connect facilities that perform genomic analysis and end users by either providing an interface or a middleman between sequencing cores and the clinical research community, or — with new firms like Helix and — helping consumers obtain and house their own genomic data and providing a forum to interact with various analysis tools and applications.  read more


☆ Technology: Nexus 2 is The First Genetic Test That Has A Seamless Upgrade Path To Whole Genome Sequencing  August 28, 2017

To introduce its service offering, Evidenza has partnered with to offer CMT Physician subscribers and their patients a unique opportunity to sample their genetic testing services with a low-cost genetic test offering.  read more


☆ The Toolbox Genomics App is Now Available in’s App Store  August 4, 2017

The growing deluge of personal genetic information has enormous potential value as a tool for research, and even more so if it can be broken out of the silo of individual company databases and stored in a central repository.

When speaking with Front Line Genomics upon launch, Dr Colby said “Within the next 8 years, we expect that between 100 million and 2 billion human genomes will be sequenced. has been preparing for this inevitability by creating solutions that unlock the true value of genetic data.”  read more


☆ Toolbox Genomics Launches Personalized Wellness App in’s Revolutionary App Market   August 3, 2017

Powered by’s Universal Genetic Data Compatibility, the Toolbox Genomics app can process genetic data from almost any genetic test. This includes data produced from whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing and microarrays as well as testing offered by 23andMe,, Genes for Good, Invitae, Human Longevity Inc., Affymetrix, Helix and Illumina.

“We’re ecstatic about offering our app in’s App Market” said Didier Perez, CEO of Toolbox Genomics. “Thanks to’s technology, our app can now be used by the millions of people who already have genetic data from services such as 23andMe and, as well as the hundreds of millions of people who are projected to soon have genome sequencing.”   read more


☆ LifeNome Launches Six New DNA-based Personalized Wellness Apps in's App Store  June 27, 2017, the world's largest marketplace for DNA-powered apps, and LifeNome Inc., a DNA-based wellness AI company, have announced that LifeNome's innovative apps are now available in's App Store for DNA.'s universal genetic data compatibility enables apps that analyze genetic data, including LifeNome's apps, to be become instantly compatible with data from all genetic testing service. With this unique capability, apps can analyze data generated from Whole Genome Sequencing, exome sequencing, microarrays and genealogy-focused DNA tests as well as from genetic testing offered by any laboratory or company including Illumina, Thermo Fisher,, 23andMe, National Geographic, MyHeritage, Human Longevity Inc., Invitae and Veritas.  read more


☆ A New Frontier for Personal Genomics  April 4, 2017

We’ve all heard the phrase “an app store for personal genomics”. But what does that actually mean? And what are the technological hurdles involved in building one? Well since the world’s first platform for storing and sharing personal genomics, complete with a suite of genetically-powered apps available to its users, launched towards the end of 2016, we decided to find out more about this new, personalised frontier.

The growing deluge of personal genetic information has enormous potential value as a tool for research, and even more so if it can be broken out of the silo of individual company databases and stored in a central repository.  This was the opportunity spotted by Dr Brandon Colby, founder of, a platform that allows its users to store, analyse, and if they are so inclined, share their information. Launched in September 2016, Brandon describes as simply “a community for people who have genetic data.”

“It is all about the engagement,” explains Geralyn Miller, Director, Microsoft Genomics. Microsoft Genomics have partnered with to further explore how +RTP can be used to personalise a user experience by running a Hack the Genome event in April 2017. The aim of the event is to explore how developers can bring greater personalisation to their apps. 

“If you deliver the information once, and the user goes away and does not re-engage, the value of their experience is limited to that single point in time,” says Geralyn. “But if we can deliver information that is impactful to someone, we can extend that interaction period. Wellness is a great example – how can we provide insights from health and genomic data and make them applicable to people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

A key reason for partnering with, explains Erdal Cosgun, PhD, Data and Applied Scientist with Microsoft Genomics, is the chance to better understand how to optimise mobile applications with genomic data.

“In the near future when every newborn has their genome sequenced at birth, the big challenge will be how do we securely move, store and analyse such an enormous amount of data,” says Brandon. “ is building upon our current innovation to continue to unlock the value of genetic data to all those who have had genetic testing and the billions who will soon have it.”  read more


☆ Microsoft and to Host the World's First Hack the Genome Hackathon  March 30, 2017

Leading companies from the genomics, tech and health industries sending teams to compete

On April 6-7, 2017, will host the world's first Hack the Genome hackathon at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington. This exciting two-day competition will focus on developing health and wellness apps that provide a unique, personalized user experience.

Hack the Genome is the first hackathon for personal genomics and the response has been tremendous. The world's largest companies in the genomics, tech and health industries are sending teams to compete as have early-stage companies, start-ups, and independent app developers. Developers interested in registering and those interested in learning more can visit the Hack the Genome registration page.  read more


☆’s Fast Growing App Market Introduces Two New Apps by Preferred Provider Titanovo  December 15, 2016’s App Market Rapidly Expands to More Than 25 Apps that Transform Genetic Data Into Meaningful Information, now the world’s fastest growing community for people with genetic data, and Titanovo, Inc., a groundbreaking personal genomics company, have announced that Titanovo’s apps are currently available in’s industry first App Market for DNA.  read more


☆ & Concierge Medicine Today Announce Partnership to Help Physicians Bring Whole Genome Sequencing & Genetic Data to Life via Innovative Apps & Tools  December 1, 2016

New Partnership Provides First-of-its-Kind Solutions for Transforming Genetic Data into Meaningful Information with Concierge Physicians & at the Forefront of the Personal Genomics Revolution.

"The genetic revolution has already begun, and it is having far-reaching effects on healthcare right now," said Brandon Colby, MD, a medical doctor, author of Outsmart Your Genes and's Founder and CEO. "Our knowledge of how to use this information is increasing at an exponential rate. What this means is that we can now start to integrate genetics into our everyday lives. With comprehensive genetic testing, we launch an innovative strategy against disease, attacking it before it even manifests. Whole Genome Sequencing, therefore, provides a new counter-offensive in our war against Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease, and many other diseases that have plagued our civilization for centuries. This is the most exciting, and potentially groundbreaking, medical development of this century." read more


☆  NATIONAL NEWS: & Concierge Medicine Today Announce Partnership to Help Physicians Bring Whole Genome Sequencing & Genetic Data to Life via Innovative Apps & Tools  November 17, 2016, an online platform where people can securely store their genetic data and find apps that make genetic data understandable and useful, and Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), the premier publication in Concierge Medicine, have announced a partnership to help put Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) technology into the hands of Concierge physicians.

Through this partnership, Concierge Medicine Physicians now have access to Whole Genome Sequencing services designed specifically for the practicing healthcare provider. The process is both non-invasive and simple: a saliva-collection kit is used to collect a saliva sample, which is then sent to a state-of-the-art laboratory that is a member of’s Preferred Provider Network of genetic testing providers. read more


☆  Support For Use of Whole Genome Sequencing in Concierge Medicine  November 10, 2016

ATLANTA, GA – Concierge Medicine Today issued a statement of support, noting, “Genetic technology has reached the point where the cost of conducting comprehensive genetic testing [ie. Whole Genome Sequencing] for hundreds of preventable diseases at a single time is now affordable,” said Catherine Sykes, CEO and Publisher of the national trade publication.

Colby notes, whole genome sequencing allows him to “cast a wide net” by generating a tremendous amount of genetic data. He then uses apps at that analyze the data and provide straightforward reports focused on relevant, actionable findings. read more


☆ Hopes to Shepherd Growing Market of DIY Genomics Tools  September 27, 2016 PDF icon Article

The new company believes it can be the dominant clearinghouse for genome analysis apps or other tools, with free and unlimited storage of users' genomic data.

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) –, a new company hoping to play a unique role in the future of personal genomics, announced its global launch last week. read more


☆ introduces first agnostic platform for genetic data  September 21, 2016 on Wednesday announced its global public launch with a platform that allows users to securely store, analyse and share their DNA information. According to the company, the "world's first agnostic platform for genetic data" is compatible with data produced by almost every genetic testing technology, including DNA microarrays, whole genome sequencing and exome sequencing, such as those marketed by Illumina, Helix and 23andMe. read more


☆ Launches World's First App Store for DNA  September 21, 2016 has launched an online platform made for genes.

Following years of research and development, has today announced its global launch to the public.'s platform allows people to securely store, analyze and share their genetic data. It's the world's first agnostic platform for genetic data, meaning it operates seamlessly using the genetic data produced by any genetic test. The platform includes an App Market that allows individuals, researchers, bioinformaticians and healthcare professionals to tap into genetic data for deep and rich insights.

"Within the next 8 years, we expect that between 100 million and 2 billion human genomes will be sequenced. has been preparing for this inevitability by creating solutions that unlock the true value of genetic data," asserted Dr. Brandon Colby, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of "Our unique platform provides the ability for everyone to keep their genetic data safe while also being able to use it on a daily basis to personalize and improve their lives." read more


☆  Gene-Driven Plan for Health  June 23, 2016

A hedge fund manager and his wife are using their sequenced genomes to guide their efforts to stay in good health, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Leo, the hedge fund manager who is only identified by his first name, had been watching the genomic space for some time and as sequencing fell into the $1,000 range, he got in touch with WorldClinic's Dan Carlin, the Tribune says. Carlin recommended that Leo and his wife use Genomics Personalized Health's service, which sequences DNA obtained from customers' saliva samples. Once the couple got their results, Carlin sent them to Brandon Colby, a physician and geneticist —and author — to have their results interpreted. read more


☆  Making a life plan based on your DNA  June 20, 2016

“We now have the ability to outsmart our genes to protect our health and longevity,” geneticist Brandon Colby says. read more


☆  Outsmart Your Genes by Brandon Colby MD (Book published by Penguin USA)

Written in straightforward, nontechnical language, Outsmart Your Genes enables everyone, even those without any background in genetics or medicine, to understand the benefits of genetic testing. learn more