Using apps on other platforms protects your genetic data while also making it easily accessible to you and your apps. Instead of having your genes analyzed once during your life, authorizing apps to access your genetic data at allows you to obtain value from your genes every single day

Providing your apps with access to your genetic data allows your apps to become personalized to you. With access to your genes, apps can now understand you as a unique individual and provide content and guidance throughout the day that is tailored to you. This is called Real-time PersonalizationTM.

1. On-demand apps

  • These apps are stored in your account and accessible by using a browser on any online device to go to 

2. Real-time apps

  • Apps available through other platforms and operating systems, such as Apple’s iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and web.
    • These apps are downloaded to your mobile device (such as an iPad, iPhone or Android device) from Apple, Google and Window’s App Stores.

Apps that provide Real-time PersonalizationTM need to have access to your genetic data at for the personalization to function correctly. You can authorize Real-time apps to connec to your account by clicking the ‘Sign-in with’ button in the app.


Authorizing apps to access your genetic data

Protection for your genetic data

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