Obtain a file's download link

  • You can send the download link to anyone, including people who have not registered for an account at Sequencing.com.*
  • You can post the link on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • A download link may also be sent to you by another person so that you can download a copy of that person’s file to your computer.
  1. To download a file, navigate to the My Files page and find the file that you want to download
  2. Under the options column click on the ‘Download’ icon: 
    Download file icon
  3. You may then download the file by clicking on the ‘Download File’ button or by copying and pasting the download link into your browser.
    • Clicking the Download File button will immediately start your download.
  4. Optional: You can also copy and save the Download Link.
    • The link will allow you to download the file at any time.
    • You can also use the download link to share the file with others. If you share the download link with someone else then they will be able to download that file.

Downloading large files

Files larger than 1 GB require a special download link to be generated by the Support Team. This includes any files stored in your account such as files you may have uploaded or imported as well as files generated by apps, such as EvE Premium. 

Please contact Support to obtain a special download link for files larger than 1 GB.

In your request, please include the full filename including file extension. Special download links will be generated and emailed to you within two business days.

Due to browser limitations, if you attempt to download a large file without first obtaining a special download link from Support, you may see an error message and your download will fail.

*Sending a person a file’s download link provides unlimited access to that file. Before providing a file’s download link to another person or sharing it on a social media site please make sure that the file does not contain anything confidential. Once another person downloads the file then Sequencing.com will no longer be able to protect that file.

If you’d rather provide limited access to a file, please use the Share option instead of creating a download link. Learn the difference between File Sharing and Download links

Use a file’s download link to download the file

Disable a file’s download link (so the link can no longer be used to download the file)

Create a new download link for a file after disabling that file’s first download link

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