You can delete any file that you previously uploaded.

Deleting a file is immediate and permanent. It cannot be undone. 

To delete a file:

  1. Find the file in the My Uploaded Files folder
  2. Under the Options column for the file, click on the trashcan icon: 
    Permanently delete file
  3. Confirm that you want to permanently delete the file
    • Once confirmed, the file will be immediately and permanently deleted

Important considerations:

  • If you delete a file that is shared then that file will immediately become inaccessible to you and anyone else the file was shared with.
    • When this occurs, the users that the file was shared with will not receive any notification when this occurs (the file will just no longer be accessible to them).
  • If a download link was previously created for the file, the download link will become invalid and stop working immediately after you delete the file.
  • If a file was shared with you, you cannot delete it. Only the owner of the file can delete it.
  • While you can remove files from other folders by clicking on the X icon, you can only permanently delete a file by deleteing it from your My Uploaded Files folder.

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