My Files

The My Files tab provides access to all of your files. This includes:

  • files that you’ve uploaded through both the Upload Center and our Big Yotta File Uploader 
  • files and results obtained from your apps
  • files that have been shared with you by another community member

You’re in full control of your all of your files. Using the options available in your My File page, you can:

Note icon
 **[Notes](** so you can easily add, save and access information about a file
 **[Share (secure)](** your file with another community member
 **[Share (non-secure)](** your file with anyone

 Download the file to your computer or create a download link

 Create a dataset, which links two files together

 Copy and organize your files into folders

 Assign gender to a file

 Assign population to a file

 Permanently delete a file

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