Sharing results allows you to provide secure access to the results obtained from an app. You can share app results with an unlimited number of people.

The person you share results with will:

  • be able to view only those specific app results.
  • be able to download files that are included as part of the results of that app.
  • not be able to view any other results from the app if you used that app multiple times.
    • Each time you use an app it produces results. When results are shared, access is provided only to the results produced by the app when the app was used at a specific time.
    • If you want to share the app results that were produced by the app at other times, each of the results must be shared separately.
  • not be able to view the results of any of your other apps.

To access app results sharing

  • From the Results tab under Apps (displays a list of all of the apps you’ve used and their results)
    • Click on the Share icon 
      Share icon
  • From the app results page
    • Click on the “Share results” button at the top of the page

To share your app results with others

  • Enter the email address of the other person
  • Click submit

To access shared app results

  • Click the link in the notification that app results have been shared with you.
  • You’ll first be asked to sign in to your account.

If the other person does not yet have a account then an email will be sent to them informing them that to access the shared app results they must first register for a free account.

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