Clicking on Apps, which is located in the menu in the header of every page, will reveal several app-related tabs. The Results tab provides you with access to all of the results from your apps.

  • The information in your Results tab will automatically be updated each time you run a new app.
  • Results never expire so you’ll be able to view results for apps that were used at any time in the past.

Load same settings

  • Click the reload icon 
    Load same settings to quickly restart app
     and the Select Settings page will load with the same settings previously used for that app.
  • You can choose to modify the settings or simply restart the app with all of the same settings.
  • This is helpful if you’ve modified custom parameters of the app.
    • Instead of modifying each parameter again, to save time this option allows you to load the same custom parameters that you previously selected.


  • Click the share icon 
     to share the app results.
  • Learn more about sharing


  • Click the download icon
    Download file icon
     to download any files that were generated by that app.

Group and sort

  • Click the star icon
  • Select a star color
  • Click the ‘Group’ column header to sort by color

Hide and unhide

  • Hidden results are not visible in the results page.
  • To view hidden results
    • Click the ‘Search’ button
    • Change Display Options to ‘Show hidden’
    • Click the ‘Apply’ button
  • To unhide a hidden result
    • Follow the steps above to view hidden results
    • Click the box “Show this app result’
    • Change Display Options to ‘Show not hidden’

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