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Sample Files

Sample files are available for you to use with any app. Even if you don't have your own genetic data you can still experience the app by selecting one of the sample files.

The sample files are real genetic data files that are publically available. This includes sample files from people that are currently alive as well as ancient genetic data that researchers have discovered, such as caveman DNA.


NPR clip about the 45,000 year old caveman genome

(one of the sample genomes you can use with any of our apps)


Sample genomes

Name Description Sex Population
Homer Pretty fly for a white guy Male Caucasian (American) 
Marge Wise white woman and mother of three Female   Caucasian (American)
Bart El Barto is 10 and the son of Homer and Marge Male Caucasian (American)
Lisa Super smart 8 year old daughter of Homer and Marge Female Caucasian (American)
Maggie Pacifier loving baby daughter of Homer and Marge Female Caucasian (American)
Vito The Godfather Male Caucasian (Italian)
Genghis Mongolian warrior Male Mongolian
Bā shí bā Lucky and very prosperous Chinese man Male Chinese (Han)
Bloke Aussie extreme sports champion Male Caucasian (Australian)
Sheila Hip chick from the Outback (Australia... not the steakhouse) Female Caucasian (Australian)
Oba Powerful African King Male African (Yoruba)
Atiam African Princess and heroic leader Female African (Dinka)
Ugg Caveman that lived 45,000 years ago Male Ancient Homo Sapien
Pebbles Cavewoman that lived 38,000 years ago Female Neanderthal
Link Denisovan girl that lived 80,000 years ago (extinct human-like species)  Female Denisovan
Craig Venter A maverick and pioneer of modern day genetics Male Caucasian (American)
James Watson   Co-discoverer of the double helix structure of DNA Male Caucasian (American)
Gene X Who is Gene X? Male Caucasian (American)


*The genetic data for Ugg, Pebbles and Link are from an actual caveman, Neanderthal woman and Denisovan girl (respectively). Their DNA was extracted from frozen bones discovered by scientists.

Scientists, however, haven't yet acquired the actual genetic data for Homer Simpson but we've made a close match. Homer's sample file is the genome of a white dude from Utah who is married with children. Although their names have been changed, Marge is his actual wife's genome and their three children's genomes are the sample files for Bart, Lisa and Maggie.