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What is Real-TimeTM technology?

Real-TimeTM technology is software code that other software applications (apps) can use to securely access and obtain valuable information from your genes. 

When Real-TimeTM software code is integrated into mobile apps, such as apps you find in Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play Store, those mobile apps are able to securely communicate with and access your genetic information stored at Our Real-TimeTM technology is a way for apps to have a constant connection to the information in your genes so that the mobile apps can provide you with a personalized user experience at any time throughout the day, every day!

Are Real-TimeTM applications available today?

Yes! Apps powered by Real-TimeTM technology are now available through the web, Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play store. You can also find Real-TimeTM apps in’s App Market. Examples of apps that uses Real-TimeTM technology is the Weather My Way +RTP app. Links to this app can be found below.

I’m an App Developer - can I add Real-TimeTM technology to my software?

Yes! Real-TimeTM technology was invented for app developers to add to their apps. We made it easy for you to add Real-TimeTM code into your apps so that your apps can be powered by Real-TimeTM technology. This allows your app to connect to and obtain information about the app user’s genes. Utilizing the app user’s genetic information, your app can provide personalized user experience to each user. Visit’s Developer Center to find documentation, plugins and scripts for adding Real-TimeTM to your apps.

Examples of Real-TimeTM software

Apps powered by Real-TimeTM technology can be found in the App Market under the Mobile category.


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