Import from cloud

If your data is stored with a cloud provider then you can use the Upload Center to easily import your data into your account.

You can import a file from most cloud providers including Amazon (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and many others.

Click here for instructions to import files from AWS S3

To import files from all other cloud providers

  • Copy the link (url) of the file that is stored in the cloud
  • Make sure the file can be shared using that link
    • Either sharing for that file has to be turned on or the link has to be set to ‘public’
  • Return to’s Upload Center
  • Paste the link (url) of the file into the Upload from Cloud
  • Press the Import button
    • The file import will begin and you don’t have to do anything else.
    • Once you receive the notification that the import has started you can navigate away from the Upload Center.
      • You do not have to stay logged in to your account for the import to continue. You can even close your web browser or turn off your computer.
    • Importing a file that is 5GB or larger may take several hours to complete.
      • You’ll receive an on-screen notification and an email once the entire file has been fully imported into your account.

To find an imported file

  • Once you receive the notification that the file import is complete, you can find the file in your account.
  • Go to your My DNA Data page.
  • The imported file will be in the Processing Files section until it has completed, once completed it will load into a Genome.
  • The file is now securely stored in your account.

Alternative ways to upload and import data

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