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Genes for Good is compatible with apps in, the world's largest marketplace for DNA-powered apps and personalized products. is compatible with DNA data from Genes for Good

Genes for Good is a research study conducted at the University of Michigan. The major goal of the study is to engage tens of thousands of individuals in genetic research. The primary tool to accomplish this is the ⁠Genes for Good Facebook App. Participants engage in the study through the App, answer health-related questions, and view summaries of selected survey questions. 

  • After answering 15 health history and 20 health tracking surveys on Facebook, you will be eligible to receive free genetic testing.
  • When the results are available, Genes for Good allows you to download your raw genetic data.
  • Your Genes for Good data is fully compatible with apps in’s App Market.

How to access and use your Genes for Good DNA data

1. When Genes for Good notifies you that your genetic testing data is available, follow their instructions for downloading your raw data.

2. Choose to download the zipped file that contains all of your raw data.

  • The best GFG file to use with apps will have a filename that’s similar to: GFG7_filtered_unphased_genotypes_23andMe.txt
How to access and find the best Genes for Good file to use, import, download and access with DNA apps and personalized products. GFG is compatible with apps in, the world's largest marketplace for DNA-powered apps and personalized products

3. After downloading the zip file, simply upload it to your account using the Upload Center.

  • You do not need to unzip the file.

4. Once uploaded to your account, you’ll see your files in your My Files page.

  • While you can use most of the files provided by Genes for Good with apps at, we recommend using the file “GFG7_filtered_unphased_genotypes_23andMe.txt”.

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