The Bell (notification center)

Bell notification center

When you log in to, you’ll see a bell located at the bottom right of your screen. The bell provides a visual alert that you’ve receive a new notification.

  • Click the bell to open your notification center. The most recent notifications will appear at the top of the list.

  • The number in the top right of the bell indicates the total number of notifications in your notification center.

    • Each time you receive an on-screen notification, it will be added to this bell notification center.
    • To permanently remove a notification from the bell notification center, click on the X on the right side of the notification. That notification will then be removed.
  • New updates will be identified by a banner to the left of the bell. In the imgae above, the banner indicates that there are ‘10 new updates for you.’

    • The banner alerts you about notifications that you may have missed when they were initially displayed on-screen. This is helpful in-case your computer or mobile device was turned off when the notification was sent.

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