Indicating who you are

Your experience on can be tailored to you. To enable this feature, simply select one or more of the descriptions that can be found at the bottom of your My Profile page under the heading “I am a…”

For example, if you indicate that you are a ‘Researcher,’ the site will provide content in more technical terms that researchers are familiar with and you’ll also have access to a much wider selection of Sample Files. The names of the sample files will even appear according to the nomenclature and format that researchers are used to seeing.

If, however, you indicate that you are both an ‘Individual or Family’ and a ‘Student’ then the site will customize itself to you and provide content that is non-technical and more accessible to people who may not be very familiar with genetics. 

You may select one or more from the list below:


Bioinformatics Experts

Software / App Developer

Individual or Family

Healthcare Professional

Enterprise or Laboratory





Uploading genetic data

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