What’s the difference between your Ultimate DNA Test and your Ultimate Genome Sequencing service?

The Ultimate DNA Test is a genotyping test. 

It uses an advanced DNA microarray to obtain data on almost 30 million variants within your genome. This represents around 1% of your genome.

For comparison, 23andMe, Ancestry, and most DNA tests obtain data on less than 0.1% of your genome.

The Ultimate DNA Test is the ‘ultimate’ test because it is not only lower in price but also provides far more data than other DNA tests. You’ll be able to discover tremendous insights about yourself using this test including for health, ancestry, nutrition, fitness, beauty and more. This test, however, only provides limited ability to screen for rare diseases.

Our Ultimate Genome Sequencing service includes 30x whole genome sequencing.

Our Ultimate Genome Sequencing service is the most powerful and greatest genetic test available. It obtains data on 100% of your genome, which is more than 3 billion variants!

If you want the best, it’s our Ultimate Genome Sequencing Service. The analysis it provides is limitless such as comprehensive assessment for health, medication reactions, rare diseases (including carrier screening for more than 5,000 diseases and conditions), nutrition, fitness, beauty, data exploration, and much more. And yes, it also provides a wide range of genealogical insights about your ancestry and heritage.

The data from our Ultimate Genome Sequencing service is forward compatible. This means that you only need to be sequenced one time. If a new gene is discovered, you won’t need to take another DNA test. Instead, all that is necessary to obtain information about that newly discovered gene is to re-analyze your genome data.

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