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Researchers thrive on data and genetic research is no different. Lack of data, however, is delaying research. The great news is that you can help. Not by donating money or time but instead by donating your genome.

When your genetic data is uploaded to you’ll have the unique ability to designate your file as an ‘Altruist File.’ If you choose to be an Altruist, all personal information is removed from the file and the data is anonymously entered into the Altruist Database.


All genetic data is anonymous. We use protective protocols to make sure that no one will be able to associate your data with you.

You’re in Control

When your account contains genetic data files, you can decide at any time which files, if any, you want to designate as Altruist files. And if at any time you decide you no longer want to contribute your data, it is easy to instantly turn off this option. You’re always in full control.

If you don’t want a file to be an altruist file you don’t need to do anything because by default, all files uploaded are not altruist files. In order for a file to become an Altruist file you, and only you, must turn on the Altruist designation for that file.

Earn Altruist Reward Points

Earn points by designating one or more of your genetic data files an ’Altruist File.’ These points are added to your Total Altruism and your altruism helps grow’s Total Community Altruism. When our Total Community Altruism reaches specific levels, we make donations to charities, such as the ⁠Rare Genomics Institute. The more points you earn, the more Altruism grows and the more lives we can save.


Contributing a file is optional and you are under no obligation to ever contribute files to the Altruist Database.

By default, all files you upload or import into your account are not included in the Altruist Database. To contribute a file, you must specifically ‘opt in’ by following the instructions here.


Access to the Altruist Database is always free. We never sell or make money with your data. Scientists and anyone from anywhere in the world can access the Altruist Database for free at any time. Altruist can be accessed here:


How to add a file to the Altruist Database

How to remove a file from the Altruist Database

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