Genetic data search

The Altruist Database includes numerous ways to search for specific genetic sequences. Searches can be conducted on the entire database or a search can be restricted to a subset of the database, such as only males or only genomes with a specific APOE variant.

Genetic data searches include:

  • Allele or genotype
    • By chromosomal coordinate
  • Haplotype or diplotype
    • Range of chromosomal coordinates
  • Variant type
    • SNV, DIV (In/Del), CNV and INV
    • Rearrangements coming soon
  • Variant location
    • Exon, intron, exon-intron boundary, promoter region, enhancer region, 3’ splice region, 5’ splice region, gene desert 
  • Combination search
    • Two or more of the above occurring together
      • For example
        • all occurrences of a specific genotype in one gene and another specific genotype in another gene
        • all occurrences of an exonic SNV variant on human chromosome 5


Phenotype search

Altruist ID (access individual genomes)

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