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Apply Real-Time PersonalizationTM technology to your apps and products.

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Use our free tools to build DNA-powered apps without having to know genetics.

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Reach a global community of people interested in the next generation of apps.

Real-Time Personalization can apply to anything - even the weather. Check out our open source Weather Genie +RTP app.

The app uses Real-Time PersonalizationTM technology by combining current weather data and the user’s genetic data to provide dynamically tailored lifestyle recommendations.

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How do apps use genetic data?

Sequencing’s Real-Time PersonalizationTM (RTP) is a web service technology that provides the tools to turn an individual’s genetic data into software code.

Integrate RTP technology into software applications for a truly personalized user experience.

Do I need to understand genetics?

No frustration, no headaches and no new coding languages to learn.

You can create apps powered by genetic data without knowing anything about genetics through App ChainsTM. Just use the results (output) of another app as the input of your own.

See our Weather Genie +RTP app for reference!

All developer tools, including all App Chains, are always free.

How can I earn money with what I code?

It’s simple: You’ll receive 90% of all revenue from the sale of your apps in Sequencing.com’s App Marketplace.

You can also further monetize your apps by making them available to other app developers as App Chains.

After you code an app, Sequencing.com will take care of everything else including hosting the app and giving it a global presence by making it available in our app marketplace. We even handle all payment processing.

Innovate. Don’t recreate. Integrate Real-Time Personalization into your apps.