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November 20, 2018

DNA Testing for Fitness and Nutrition

DNA testing and analysis for optimizing fitness and athletic performance available as apps in the marketplace at Sequencing.com for software apps that analyze DNA testing data from all laboratories including Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, Helix DNA, FamilyTreeDNA FTDNA, Dante Labs, Veritas Genetics and both exome and whole genome sequencing WGS.

DNA testing for fitness and nutrition works like any other genetic test. Your DNA is analyzed to look for genes that factor into fitness and nutrition. But how do you do this? One way is to take a specific genetic test that provides fitness and nutrition results, but if you didn't, and you have DNA data, you can also obtain the same useful information by analyzing your DNA data using a fitness and nutrition app.

What is a DNA App?

A DNA app is software applications for web or mobile that allow users to analyze their raw DNA to learn about their genetics. At Sequencing.com, we have the world's largest DNA App Store filled with apps that can help you learn more about your body and health.

Our DNA App Store includes ten categories of apps: health, ancestry, nutrition, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, children, bioinformatics, clothing and art. Between our fitness and nutrition categories, we have over a dozen apps to help you learn more about your body.

Some highlights from the categories include the following apps.


Lean and Fit

App icon for the Lean and Fit DNA Analysis app by Silverberry Genomix that's available in the Sequencing.com Genome App Store for all DNA tests such as 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FTDNA, MyHeritage, Living DNA, Vitagene, Dante Labs, Helix and genome sequencing.

Lean and Fit is an app created by Silverberry Genomix.

Silverberry Genomix is a DNA lifestyle company that uses Artifical Intelligence (AI) and genetic assessments to optimize fitness plans and daily wellness decisions that lead to positive lifestyle changes.

The app analyzes your genes and tells you how best to dedicate your limited time for maximum results. You will learn your optimal combination of exercise, nutrition, psychology, and skincare to achieve your best self. Whether you want to lose weight or look better, the Lean and Fit can help you get started on the right path.



App icon for the Empower app by Toolbox Genomics available for purchase in the Sequencing.com Genome App Store for all DNA tests such as 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FTDNA, MyHeritage, Living DNA, Vitagene, Dante Labs, Helix and genome sequencing.

Empower is an app created by Toolbox Genomics.

Toolbox Genomics is a genomics company that provides actionable, personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations to help reduce your risk of chronic conditions.

The app will produce a Health Enrichment Plan with an overall view of 20 traits, 37 genes, and 53 SNPs. The plan includes a custom evaluation with nutrition, exercise, and sleep recommendations which may be most effective for your body. The RunDNA component will also rank your endurance performance potential and show you where you thrive and where improvements can be made.



App icon for the NutriNome DNA Analysis app by LifeNome available in the Sequencing.com Genome App Store for all DNA tests such as 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FTDNA, MyHeritage, Living DNA, Vitagene, Dante Labs, Helix and genome sequencing.

NutriNome is an app created by LifeNome.

LifeNome is a groundbreaking DNA-based wellness AI company with the aim of revolutionizing how individuals make personalized wellness decisions.

The app will help you explore your unique nutrition, metabolism and diet needs based on our proprietary AI-enhanced genomics network analysis of more than 8000 genetic variations. You will receive a 45 Trait report that details risk assessments and recommendations, vitamin balance, minerals balance, metabolism traits, and diet effectiveness


Try the apps today to start improving your fitness and nutrition.

Sequencing.com's DNA App Store - World's Largest Marketplace for DNA-Powered Apps and Personalized Products that are compatible with DNA data from all genetic testing including 23andMe, Ancestry, Helix, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage, GEDmatch and genome sequencing including whole genome.
August 28, 2018
Sequencing.com is an online platform that helps people transform their genetic data into valuable, actionable insights that can improve health and wellness. Sequencing.com does this by providing access to DNA-powered applications in the world's largest DNA App Store.
Sequencing.com's Universal Genetic Data API is an alternative to the 23andMe API. The API securely sends raw genetic data (genotypes) using the same 23andMe JSON or the same 23andMe txt file format (you choose which to use). Our API automatically sends genetic data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA, Helix, Vitagene, Living DNA, Dante Labs, Macrogen, Illumina, BGI, WuXi, Ambry, GeneDx, BGI, Baylor, Genomics England as well as all DNA microarray, exome and whole genome sequencing labs.
September 12, 2018
As of Sept 6, 2018, 23andMe discontinued its genetics API (application programming interface). Because of this, app developers who solely depended upon 23andMe's API need to find an alternative API for quickly and securely importing a person's DNA data. We have the solution.
GenomeWeb Article announces new company Sequencing.com plays unique role in future of personal genomics by worldwide launch of DNA App Store for genetic data and apps that interpret gene data from DNA tests such as genome sequencing, 23andMe, Ancestry.com and Helix.
September 27, 2016
Sequencing.com, a new company hoping to play a unique role in the future of personal genomics, announced its global launch last week. The last few years have seen the emergence and propagation of companies that help users in possession of their own genetic data to access and understand what this information means for their health...