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DNA Fitness Coach

DNA determines your natural athletic capabilities, and there is strong evidence suggesting that genetic analysis can help create a more effective fitness regimen. Whether you aim to compete, get in the best shape of your life, or just to lose weight, the DNA Fitness Coach app will help you get there.

With in-depth information like VO2 max potential, how you should balance cardio and low-weight exercise with low-repetition heavy lifting, and your lactate threshold, the fitness panel is for those at all levels of fitness.


Your DNA Fitness Coach will tell you:

  • How to build muscle
  • Your best competitive sport
  • Your best activity for exercise
  • VO2 max potential
  • Slow vs fast twitch muscles
  • Heart rate trainability


How does the Coach work?

We use a series of algorithms which rank research studies by reliability of results, factoring in: impact, journal reputation, author reputation, and methodology. Research studies are then analyzed for their relation to real-world fitness standards, and the user is given straightforward recommendations.


About this app

This app was created by Titanovo, Inc.

Sequencing.com keeps you and your genetic data safe. When you use this app, Sequencing.com will securely transmit some of your genetic data to Titanovo. To maintain the security of your genetic data, the only information provided to Titanovo is the subset of your genetic data that this app needs in order to provide you with accurate results. No other information is provided. Learn more in the 'Instructions' tab below.

Price: $35

  • If you have just one genetic data file, the price is $35 to analyze your data using this app.
    • You can then re-analyze this same file using this app at any time in the future for no additional fee.


  • If you have two or more genetic data files, each file is $35 to analyze.
    • Once you pay for a file to be analyzed by this app you can then re-analyze that same file at any time for no additional fee.

The DNA Fitness Coach provides recommendations that are actionable by you! This includes straightforward, easy to follow insights. Simultaneously, you can find comprehensive information within the panel by clicking the small (i) buttons near each section.

Below is an example of the useful information provided by this app. Your actual results will include a lot more information!

DNA Fitness Coach app sample results

This app is simple to use:

1. Purchase the app

2. Go to your My Apps page and click the green 'Start App' button under the app.

3. Select the file that contains the genetic data you want this app to analyze.

  • Don't have genetic data? No problem... you can still experience this app by using one of our fun Sample Files.

4. Click the 'Submit' button.

  • That's it! The app is now processing your genetic data and after about 30 minutes you'll receive an email with a link to your results.


Sequencing.com keeps you and your genetic data safe:

  • Once you click Submit, Sequencing.com will securely transmit some of your genetic data to Titanovo (the developer of this app).
    • To maintain the security of your genetic data, the only information provided to Titanovo is the subset of your genetic data that this app needs in order to provide you with accurate results.
      • Sequencing.com does not provide any other information to Titanovo.
        • This means we do not provide your name, email, or any other information.
  • When the results are ready, you'll receive an email from Sequencing.com that will include a link to your results.
  • The email will also contain a temporary username and password to ensure that only you can access the results.
    • The link will take you to Titanovo's site dnalifestylecoach.com.
      • Enter the provided temporary username and password to access your app results.
      • Be empowered by your results!

Our app uses a carefully curated and ever-expanding database of scientific publications on lifestyle-genetic correlations to give users results. Each paper is ranked by author reliability, paper credibility, and strength of the genetic correlation within. For any given recommendation, anywhere between 10-100 genetic markers are used to determine the most accurate result.

We take a customer-focused approach to our analysis, working to follow your results after following recommendations and regularly strengthening our recommendations based on newly-published studies and your own feedback via surveys.

Earn points towards other panels and Titanovo swag by participating in surveys and sharing our Coach with friends online!

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The genetic analysis and statements that appear in this app have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The Sequencing.com website and all software applications (Apps) that use Sequencing.com's website, as well as Sequencing.com's open Application Programming Interface (API), are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.