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Not sure which membership plan is the right one for you? We’ve provided a breakdown of every plan available so you can select which option is best for you. Memberships make it easy for you to unlock the full potential of what your DNA has to offer!

So, you’ve taken a DNA test and received your results, but you’re not sure how to take the next step in understanding your genetic information. Everyone’s reason for taking a DNA test is different. You might have taken the test solely to learn about your ancestry, while the next person is planning on having children in the future and wants to screen their genes for any conditions they could potentially pass down.

Once your DNA results come in, you then have the opportunity to explore’s vast variety of analysis apps. The app market breaks down all of the analysis reports into general categories, including health, ancestry, nutrition, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, children, art, and bioinformatics.

From each category you’ll have several different analysis reports to choose from. You can go on to choose only the reports you want to learn about. However, if you are not a member, you’ll be limited to how many apps you can get for free. If you want any of the other reports you’ll have to pay for them individually. When you become a member, the individual app prices will be waived. There are several membership plans to choose from, so whatever your goal is to learn from your DNA test you can choose to only pay for as much as you need.

What are DNA analysis reports?

How the analysis reports work is they look at the genetic information that came from the DNA test you took and generates a clear, easy-to-understand report. Based on whichever app you chose, you can then go on and use that information to guide you to better health or an understanding of what makes you, you.

Genetic Ancestry + Haplogroups Sample Report

Some examples of popular reports are the Genetic Ancestry + Haplogroups (as seen in the image above) and Wellness and Longevity apps. Discovering your ancestry and screening for rare diseases and other health conditions are some of the top reasons people take a DNA test.

Can I use the analysis reports even if I took my DNA test through 23andMe or Ancestry?

Absolutely! Due to the lack of personalized reports and insights, customers from other DNA test companies frequently turn to to get a better understanding of their genetic information. If you’ve taken a test through a different provider you’ll be able to easily upload your information to your account.

The Free Plan:

You’ll notice, when you first join, each app is individually priced. You’re first started on the free membership plan, so you will only have the ability to use the free versions of apps in the marketplace. Automatically included with your free membership will be added access to the free versions of the Athletic Performance and Genome Explorer Free apps.

Coronavirus DNA Health Report Sample

The Free Plan is made for the people who are just getting started with DNA testing. Under this plan you’ll be able to safely and securely store your genetic information in your Sequencing account. You will not be charged any monthly or annual fees.

However, for each app and report you want, you will have to pay for them individually which can significantly add up and will actually cost you more overtime.

The Silver Plan:

Under the Silver Plan, you’ll be able to choose from 2 new apps every month. And don’t worry about running out of options, new apps are being added all the time. Along with the recurring monthly apps, added features to your membership include:

  • Genome-Lock DNA Security – Rest easy knowing your DNA data will be guarded 24/7 by military-grade encryptions and advanced security.
  • One Genome for Life – If you’ve taken multiple DNA tests, only the highest quality data will be combined together to create one genome file for you to help you keep organized.
  • Altruism Rewards – If you wish to donate, your anonymous genetic information can help researchers save the lives of those who are living with rare genetic conditions.
  • Included access to the DNA Selfie and Genome Explore Ultimate apps.

This monthly plan will cost you less than your gym membership (and with the pandemic happening, who’s actually going to the gym right now?). Based on the DNA reports you chose, you can gain the knowledge to guide the right changes to your diet and fitness plan all from your home.

The Gold Plan:

The Gold Plan is the most popular membership people choose. On top of all the features you get with the Silver Plan, you’ll be able to choose from 4 new apps every month and get access to Real-Time Health Updates. Genetic discoveries are always happening and research is constantly being conducted and published. So anytime there is a health-related update that is relevant to your DNA you’ll receive an SMS message alerting you.

GeneInformed Sample Report

The Platinum Plan

For those that are next-level genetic enthusiasts, the Geneticist Recommended Platinum Plan is the way to go. You’ll have combined access to all of the features mentioned in the Silver and Gold plans, with the addition of the Lifetime Live Genetic Counseling feature. This feature allows you to chat with liscensed genetic counselors at anytime, where they’ll answer any questions you have about your genetic information. On top of those features your monthly app limit will increase to 6 news apps every month.

Discovering yourself through DNA testing can be more than submitting a simple cheek swab and finding out ancestry makeup while ignoring the other billions of genes worth of data. Right now, for 50% off every plan, you can take advantage of learning about your health through personalized DNA reports.

Photo of DNA Test Kits
Photo of DNA Test Kits

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Photo of DNA Test Kits
Photo of DNA Test Kits

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